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Music > Vinyl > Pere Ubu - Architecture Of Language: 1979 - 1982 (Vinyl 4LP Box Set)
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Pere Ubu - Architecture Of Language: 1979 - 1982

(Vinyl 4LP Box Set)

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Pere Ubu reinvented rock music from the ground up. Equally at ease with Sun Ra and The Monkees, Glen Campbell and The MC5, Can and The Raspberries, they are the white Funkadelic.2015's box set release, Elitism For The People 1975-1978 is a veritable primer for exploring the possibilities of popular music. It documents the band "creating their own private musical apocalypse and then forging on to start the world anew" (Uncut). 

The second in the series of box sets, Architecture Of Language 1979-1982, gathers together "the scariest album ever recorded," New Picnic Time (1979), with its companion releases, The Art Of Walking (1980) and Song Of The Bailing Man (1982). These are records of "unique beauty – a beauty marked by truth and thus also tragic and sometimes painful" (Sounds). The 4LP-set is augmented with a disc of extras entitled Architectural Salvage

Ian Penman, writing in 1980 in the New Musical Express, said "It is obvious that (the history of) Pere Ubu should not be thought of in terms of a linear development – reducing its entire operation and presence to an exclusive concern for working and succeeding in rock and roll. Unfortunately, most criticism – of Pere Ubu, of many other folks – assumes that words have one meaning, that desires point in a single direction, that ideas are logical; it ignores the fact that the world of language, noise and desire is one of lack, insecurity, interruption, struggle, blundering, disguises, ploys, embarrassed grins."

Mastered by Brian Pyle, the original quarter-inch stereo mix tapes were digitally transferred by Paul Hamann at Suma at a 192khz / 24 bit resolution. From these the vinyl LPs were cut by Pete Norman with a Neumann VMS80 lathe.

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LP1 - New Picnic Time
1. The Fabulous Sequel (Have Shoes Will Walk)
2. 49 Guitars And One Girl
3. A Small Dark Cloud
4. Small Was Fast
5. All The Dogs Are Barking
6. One Less Worry
7. Make Hay
8. Goodbye
9. Voice Of The Sand
10. Kingdom Come

LP2 - The Art Of Walking
1. Go
2. Rhapsody In Pink
3. Arabia
4. Misery Goats
5. Young Miles In The Basement
6. Loop
7. Rounder
8. Birdies
9. Lost In Art
10. Horses
11. Crush This Horn

LP3 - Song Of The Bailing Man
1. The Long Walk Home
2. Use Of A Dog
3. Petrified
4. Stormy Weather
5. West Side Story
6. Thoughts That Go By Steam
7. Bid Ed's Used Farm
8. A Day Such As This
9. The Vulgar Boatman Bird
10. My Hat
11. Horns Are A Dilemma

LP4 - Architectural Salvage
1. Humor Me (Live)
2. The Book Is On The Table
3. All The Dogs Are Barking (Alt Mix 4)
4. Arabian Nights
5. Tribute To Miles
6. Horses (Alt Mix 3)
7. Rounder (Alt Mix 1)
8. Not Happy
9. Lonesome Cowboy Dave

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