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SantiGold - Master Of My Make Believe

(Vinyl LP)

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Santigold Master Of My Make-Believe on LP

African-Style Percussion, Reggae, New Wave, and More Mesh on Singer's Thrilling Sophomore LP 

Santigold is one Santi White: an artist whose perseverance relies on invention, a champion who survives off her own skill and faith. She is a major muse watched by the inspired world, an in categorical performer who collapses time and genre with one hand guided by tradition, while the other hand carves out a shining future. Santigold is neither calm nor mayhem, but from her lungs burst every color in between.

After four years of hide and seek in which blogs blew up at the sudden release of any track with her name attached to it, Santigold returned in a moment of global aggression and vulnerability. Honing in on the hyper-media cult of personality, in her unmistakable voice she asks the listener: "Into what fantasy do you hurl yourself as you gaze into the glow of your machine?" The answer to this question is central to what drives Master of My Make Believe, her 2012 Atlantic Records release.

As an antidote against self-celebratory status updates in a climate where the focus on fame outweighs a day’s emotions, Master of My Make Believe summons pop culture zombies back to life. This is sound proof of an artist on a diligent journey, measuring the power of individual mood against social clamor. Sifting through a wondrous wreckage of airplay, upload, and anguish, Santigold’s talent lies in filtering reality through freakdom, to find in desire a timeless spark of raw magic.

Anyone caught referring to Master of My Make Believe as a sophomore effort is only half right. Though relatively fresh as Santigold, Santi White’s history of writing, production, and performance stretch beyond the century’s flip. Her collaboration with the industry’s most recognized and respected talent is something continuous and wide reaching, making her musical lineage all the much richer. Declared 'Best Breakthrough Artist' by NME in 2008 and 'Pop Music Vanguard' by ASCAP in 2009, the voice that defines Santigold is as complex as the faces that pack a subway car, as intimate and honest as conversation on a weathered stoop.

Through chopped pianos, the clink of glass bottles, and the peaking blast of motorcycle engines, Master of My Make Believe accounts for 21st century details of life from the heart’s center to the mind’s periphery. In her pen and in her voice, the breadth of substance presented in Santigold’s newest songs is immediate and complex. There are valleys here wherein the drudge of daily living is met with caution and confronted by mortality, but underneath it all there is the celebration of each person’s power and vision to fight toward what they believe.

Santigold Master Of My Make-Believe Track Listing:

1.  Go!
2.  Disparate Youth
3.  God From The Machine
4.  Fame
5.  Freak Like Me
6.  This Isn't Our Parade
7.  The Riot's Gone
8.  Pirate In The Water
9.  The Keepers
10. Look At These Hoes
11. Big Mouth

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1. Go!
2. Disparate Youth
3. God From The Machine
4. Fame
5. Freak Like Me
6. This Isn't Our Parade
7. The Riot's Gone
8. Pirate In The Water
9. The Keepers
10. Look At These Hoes
11. Big Mouth

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