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ISOTEK - Ultimate System Set-Up Disc CD


IsoTek - Ultimate System Set-Up Disc CD AISOUSSUD

ISOTEK - Ultimate System Set-Up Disc CD


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Ensure Your System Is Giving You Maximum Performance and Optimally Set Up Your Loudspeakers With the IsoTek Ultimate System Set-Up Disc: Improves Timing, Placement, Dynamics, Soundstaging

IsoTek's Ultimate System Set-Up Disc CD improves your system's sound by ensuring it is correctly setup and ready to perform at its best. The Ultimate System Set-Up Disc contains a mix of stunning music recordings from the Opus3 audiophile record label. Each is chosen to test specific elements of audio performance such as timing, dynamics, and soundstaging.

In addition, IsoTek created 14 test and tune-up tracks each carefully designed to help you set up your system and correctly position your loudspeakers. This is a foolproof way to insure you obtain the maximum performance from your audio system in a logical, understandable manner. Simple to use, effective, and practical, this CD can be used by any audiophile irrespective of prior knowledge level.

The Ultimate System Set-Up Disc will help you create the optimal stereo sound stage for your particular listening environment. It requires users to adjust speaker position and placement. Tracks 5, 6, 7, and 8 are designed as test tracks that highlight if further adjustment is required. Once left-to-right speaker position is optimized for your particular location, use tracks 9 to 12 to improve and test soundstage depth. This will require moving your speakers forwards and backwards at little at a time. Clear-spoken instructions are given for each set-up procedure. You'll have a much-improved, full-functioning system in practically no time at all!

Track Listing:
  1. Introduction
  2. Channel Evaluation
  3. Phase Test
  4. Loudspeaker Position & Adjustment
  5. Soundstage Test - Intro
  6. Soundstage Test
  7. 360-Degree Test - Intro
  8. 360-Degree Test
  9. Stereo Image Depth-Intro
  10. Stereo Image Depth Test 1
  11. Stereo Image Depth Test 2
  12. Stereo Image Depth Test 3
  13. Frequency Range Test - Increasing (20Hz and progressively increases in frequency every 10 seconds to 20kHz)
  14. Frequency Range Test - Decreasing (20kHz and progressively decreases in frequency every 10 seconds to 20Hz) The spot frequencies covered are 20Hz, 43Hz, 93Hz, 200Hz, 430Hz, 930Hz, 2000Hz, 4300Hz, 9300Hz and 20000Hz.

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