About Us

For more than 25 years, Music Direct has furnished music lovers with everything they need to enjoy unforgettable listening experiences. We specialize in offering a vast range of vinyl LPs as well as audio equipment and accessories providing exceptional performance, value, and enjoyment — all with the goal of bringing you closer to your favorite artists, songs, and albums.

Independently owned and staffed by audio experts and music lovers, we believe there’s no substitute for personal relationships, specialized knowledge, dedicated support, and the ability to speak to real people with the same love and appreciation for high-end audio. Our 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, no-interest financing options, annual print catalog, failsafe packaging, and upgrade programs are a few of the differences that allow us to offer customers a superior audio experience.

Meet Our Audio Specialists

Jon Schulman - Audio ConsultantJon Schulman - Audio Consultant

I have been with Music Direct for 13 years and have spent 24 years on the retail side of the music industry. For my listening needs, I use a turntable and streaming services. My favorite products to recommend are the “under the radar” tweaks that dramatically enhance the audio experience. I am also especially fascinated by the sonic benefits you get from quality power distribution and enjoy discussing this subject. I’ve been fortunate to sit in on presentations from some of the greatest minds in the high-end industry and hear many of the world’s best audio products. I am happy to discuss your system anytime.

Nate Lennoz - Audio Consultant - 312-738-5980Nate Lennox - Audio Consultant

I have been working in hi-fi since 2003, and crate digging and obsessing over music since I was a kid. When I was in my mid-20s, a friend showed me his system. I was hooked the minute the needle hit the LP grooves. Hearing my favorite music in higher quality helped me connect with it emotionally. I also enjoyed comparing the differences between pieces of equipment.

I possess a deep appreciation for vinyl. I love the playback ritual as well as all the pressing variabilities and artist engagement that accompany the format. As a result, I have spent years cleaning, storing, identifying, and organizing large LP collections for customers and always enjoy the challenge of matching hardware to their music collections to help them get the most out of their listening experience. A few years ago, I incorporated hi-res digital files and streaming into my system and continue to be floored at the quality and accessibility that are now possible.

I am happy to discuss any of the products we carry and give advice on how to get the most from them. I am confident that we can find amazing gear (analog or digital) that will improve every piece of music in your collection.

Brian Lickel - Audio Consultant - 312-738-5987Brian Lickel - Audio Consultant

Though I’ve been with Music Direct for only a few years, I have more than two decades of industry experience. I am an analog lover at heart and have a deep vinyl collection. With the deluge of high-quality streaming devices on the market, I now split my listening between LPs and streaming. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to bring home a variety of exciting gear from a wide variety of brands. My favorite part of being a sales rep is getting to know the folks on the other end of the line. I enjoy long-term relationships and building systems over time.

Tom Trippodo - Audio Consultant - 312-738-5038Tom Trippodo - Audio Consultant

I am originally from Westchester County, NY, and have extensive professional audio experience in the fields of manufacturing, retail sales, management, and export marketing. I am also well-versed in custom A/V integration and system control. While I appreciate all the components that make up the chain in a system, I am particularly fond of phono cartridges and loudspeakers.

My vast experience with a wide range of hi-fi equipment allows me to offer customers solid advice — be it for a new system or for identifying and replacing the weakest link. Sometimes, it is just a matter of finding the right accessory that brings everything together. Most importantly, focusing on what my customers tell me about their personal tastes guides me to elevating their experience.