Video Review: IsoTek Products and the Importance of Clean Power
By Bes Nievera

The staff at Music Direct is passionately dedicated to helping you find the right gear to offer fresh perspectives on the albums you love, or the movies you watch. Whether you've got a turntable or a streaming device, or if you're building a home entertainment system, one of our most important recommendations is to address the issue of noise in and around your system.

The team at IsoTek creates products that deliver quiet voltage going from the wall to your gear, utilizing the best technologies available. One great example is the company's V5 edition of its much-heralded Aquarius Power Conditioner. Aquarius has a scientifically proven design with six independent power-cleaning networks in a single chassis: two outputs for high-current devices and four designed for preamplifiers, source, and network components. IsoTek's Titan, also in its fifth iteration, is another winner in the area of power-line cleaning and management. As a dedicated three-outlet unit, Titan is the perfect companion for high-current separates like monoblock or stereo amplifiers, as well as multichannel amps for home theater setups.

So, click the links or call a Music Direct audio consultant to learn how you can audition any IsoTek product in your home, all with the confidence and peace of mind that come with Music Direct's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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