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Accessories > Nordost - System Solution Setup & Tuning Discs (2CD)
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NORDOST - System Solution Setup & Tuning Discs (2CD)


Nordost - System Solution System Setup & Tuning Disc ANORDSSTD2

NORDOST - System Solution Setup & Tuning Discs (2CD)


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Improve the Sound of Your System with Nordost System Solution Set-Up & Testing Discs: Test Tracks Ensure Proper Speaker and Subwoofer Placement, Provide Maintenance, Refine Performance

The Nordost System Solution Tuning and Set-Up Discs set contains everything to get your system sounding its best – and keep it that way. An extensive range of proven diagnostic tracks help with speaker placement (and subwoofer integration), performance assessment, calibration, and system conditioning. You get requisite basic channel and phase checks, as well as discrete left- and right-channel pink and white noise tracks as well as a series of alternating tracks ideal for voicing speakers in the room and verifying proper operation.

Other tracks contain conventional sweep tracks and a timed low-frequency sweep that will allow you to identify principal room modes. Computer-generated LEDR tests provide a repeatable method for mapping and adjusting soundstaging and toe-in while uncompressed drum tracks test dynamic range and rhythmic integration. Nordost engineers incorporated specially designed tracks to facilitate full-range loudspeaker positioning and the integration of subwoofers, and even included a number of useful "system service" functions. The latter include degauss and burn-in signal tracks, both essential precursors to fine-tuning your existing setup or new components. What's more, each of these helpful tracks is fully explained and expounded upon in a detailed and enclosed instruction booklet.

Throw these discs into your player and they'll instantly make a believer out of you. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

  • Essential channel and phase checks.
  • Multiple pink and white noise signals for speaker/room diagnostics.
  • Sophisticated LEDR tests to optimize speaker placement.
  • System maintenance tracks (De-Gauss and Burn-In)
  • Low-frequency tones specially designed and configured to map room modes and aid speaker placement or subwoofer positioning and integration.
  • Specially selected music tracks with detailed listening notes to further refine system performance.
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One Sheet (PDF, 461 KB)

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