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Groovetracer - Reference Subplatter


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The Very Best-Performing and Best-Built Subplatter for Rega Turntables: GrooveTracer Reference Gives You Wider Soundstages, Sharper Focus, Lower Noise Floor, Additional Ambient Retrieval

Instantly upgrade the sound of your Rega turntable by adding the GrooveTracer Reference, the very best-performing subplatter available for Rega designs. You'll hear wider and deeper soundstages, more focused images, a lower noise floor, less surface noise, additional ambient retrieval, and blacker backgrounds. Made to the highest-precision tolerances in a U.S. machine shop and hand-inspected for concentricity before being shipped to your door, Reference takes your existing turntable to the next price class.

GrooveTracer's innovative, smooth-running design allows the record spindle to be completely decoupled from the bearing axle, eliminating vibration transfer from the bearing thrust point to the spindle. Reference's aluminum-machined hub, hardened/ground-steel bearing axle, and stainless-steel record spindle comprise the core of the three-piece assembly. The non-resonant Reference also exclusively incorporates a sapphire thrust plate that rotates on a zirconia ball for ultra-low friction. This combination is responsible for the extra inner detail and dead-silent backgrounds that allow your music to emerge with stunning clarity and definition. Reference ships with everything required for the extremely simple installation, which takes less than five minutes. Enhance your Rega 'table today!

"Here's what makes the Groovetracer products the best: attention to detail and precision tolerances. The further out of round your platter and subplatter are, the more speed variation there will be along with increased wow and flutter."
– Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio

"The improvements are immediately noticeable and equivalent to moving up to the next price class, and perhaps beyond. The soundstage snaps into focus with greater clarity. The noise floor drops substantially, along with surface noise, which is pushed deep into the background as it is on more expensive tables."
– Ed Kobesky, Positive Feedback

GrooveTracer Reference Compatibility
GrooveTracer Reference is compatible with Rega Planar 1, and 2, and 3 (2016 models), Planar 2, 3, and 25, P1, P2, P3, P3-24, P5, RP1, RP3, RP6, and RP40. RP6 owners please note: GrooveTracer’s RP6 Reference Subplatter is designed to be used with the Rega turntable’s stock platter. If you plan on ordering the GrooveTracer Delrin Platter, please order the standard GrooveTracer Reference Subplatter – not the RP6 Reference Subplatter.

Key Features
The ultra-low coefficient of friction between the bearing surfaces minimizes vibration for a lower noise floor. The jewel-bearing design is the smoothest running and longest lasting bearing available. Completely unique to GrooveTracer, the non-magnetic record spindle is completely decoupled from the bearing axle to eliminate vibration transfer to the playing surface. A three-point interface between the Subplatter and Platter ensures positive contact and minimizes vibration transfer. The Platter's 0.0005-inch or better concentricity between the axle and hub offers vast improvement in pitch control. Finally, the extended-length (non-magnetic) stainless-steel record spindle permits the use of clamps.

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