Nordost - Norse Series Bi-Wire Jumpers (Set of 4)

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Nordost - Norse Series Bi-Wire Jumpers (Set of 4)

Nordost - Norse Series Bi-Wire Jumpers (Set of 4)

Price $189.99
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If your speakers are bi-wirable and you're still using the stock jumpers between your binding posts, you are not hearing all that your speakers are capable of. Most stock jumpers are made from inferior metals and then gold or nickel plated for corrosion resistance. Sound quality never enters the picture, so stock jumpers offer a harsh, smeared and tonally deficient presentation. This is where the Norse Series Bi-Wire Jumpers come in; simply replace your stock jumpers with these high quality cable-based jumpers for a shocking sonic improvement.

"I firmly believe they belong in the category of a component upgrade rather than a fine tune or tweak. Music sounded more transparent and focused. I felt very happy listening and often nodding my head and smiling over some newly discovered detail in the recording or performance. That is the essence of this hobby, Nordost's Norse Series Bi-Wire Jumpers receive my most enthusiastic recommendation."
Victor Chavira, Positive Feedback

With technology plucked from Nordost's reference cables, each Norse Bi-Wire Jumper features a micro mono-filament conductor and high-quality low mass terminations. Designed to complement Nordost's Norse line, the Norse Bi-Wire Jumpers offer astounding clarity, excellent dynamic range and are extremely flexible.

Nordost Norse Bi-Wire Jumpers are designed to be easy to use, built with spades on the send side and bananas at the receive end, the Bi-Wire Jumpers are ideal for use with any bi-wirable or tri-wirable speaker. One set of Bi-Wire Jumpers upgrades one pair of bi-wirable speakers. Tri-Wiring? You'll need two sets.

Diagonal Bi-Wire
For those looking for maximum performance from their bi-wire speakers, Nordost has a recommendation. Connect your speaker wire to the speaker as follows: Red lead to the Red midrange/bass post, Black lead to the Black tweeter post. Then insert the Norse Jumpers as you normally would, sit back and hold on to your socks. The effect is astounding, with greater focus, detail and less haze and grain. We don't really understand how it works, but it does so try it for yourself!

  • Dedicated bi-wire jumper replaces stock stamped metal hardware
  • Nordost's proprietary Micro mono-filament technology
  • High Resolution silver-plated OFC solid-core copper conductors
  • Lightweight connectors improve conductivity
  • Detailed, on-line installation guide
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