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Rega - Strobe Kit

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Rega - Strobe Kit

Rega - Strobe Kit

Price $125.00
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Rega Strobe Kit Evaluates the Speed of Your Turntable in Seconds: Easy-to-Use Device Ensures Your 'Table Is Performing As It Should, Leads to Better Sound and Damage-Free Playback

Evaluate the speed of your turntable in seconds and ensure it is performing as designed with the Rega Strobe Kit. Compatible with any model, this two-piece accessory includes a hand-held strobe unit that emits a 100Hz pulsed light source used in tandem with the supplied 180-line stroboscopic disc. Strobe Kit will help you dial-in optimal analog performance and better sound. And it is very easy to use (see the more in-depth directions below). Simply place the stroboscopic disc directly on your turntable mat, and with your ‘table running at 33 1/3 RPM, hold the strobe LED directly above the lines to evaluate the speed. It makes for an ideal partner with the speed-adjustable Rega Neo PSU as well as any other speed-adjustable turntable or power supply. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

How to use Rega Strobe:
  • With your turntable rotating and the speed set at 33 1/3 RPM, place the stroboscopic disc over the record spindle directly onto your turntable mat.
  • Hold the strobe approximately 2-3 centimeters from the lines on the disc.
  • If the lines freeze and remain stable, this indicates your turntable is running at the correct speed.
  • If the lines on the disc are moving slowly clockwise, this indicates your turntable is running fast.
  • If the lines on the disc are moving slowly anti-clockwise, this indicates your turntable is running slow.
  • To ensure an accurate reading, hold a reference point such as a pencil tip near the lines during rotation to easily identify if the lines are stable or rotating.
  • If your turntable or power supply are adjustable, you can correct the speed of the turntable until the lines are stable.
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