Luxman - CL-38uC Tube Preamplifier

Equipment Amplification Preamp
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Luxman - CL-38uC Tube Preamplifier

Luxman - CL-38uC Tube Preamplifier

Price $6,295.00
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Bespoke Looks and Vacuum-Tube Realism: Japanese-Made Luxman CL-38uC Preamplifier Delivers Heightened Transparency, Features MM/MC Phono Preamp and Selectable Controls

Control. It's the very definition of the Luxman CL-38uC tube preamplifier, a hand-made design that visually echoes hi-fi's original golden age while technically in complete harmony with hi-fi's current, ongoing renaissance. Call CL-38uC the best of all audiophile eras. The front panel is alone worthy of its own spotlight. And once you lay your fingers on the array of old-school switches and knobs, you'll know you're cooking with gas.

Employing shunt-regulated push-pull circuitry for all stages to provide edge-of-your-seat sonic realism and heightened transparency, the Stereophile Class A Recommended CL-38uC comes equipped with MC-low and MC-high inputs with their own independent step-up transformers and impedance selections. If you spin vinyl LPs and use an MC cartridge, heaven awaits. An MM input, user-defeatable fine-tunable tone controls, a low cut switch, and crossover frequency controls further speak to the versatility of a component that includes three line inputs and one set of balanced inputs – replete with dedicated transformers – for optimal performance. A supplied remote control means you can adjust volume from your seated position.

Indeed, inside and out, CL-38uC radiates audiophile eminence and elegance. A full complement of eight tubes that provide stellar clarity and emotional expressiveness; dazzling specs that extend to a low output impedance (300 ohm) and super-low distortion; Nichicon-made, high-voltage, metalized polypropylene film-coupling capacitors; and an internal chassis that doubles as an omnidirectional shielded metal enclosure complement a toroidal power transformer and choke transformer with separate shielded cases that prevent magnetic flux leakage and eliminate noise.

And don't forget about the retro-leaning outer wooden case, which extends the tradition of Luxman's 38 Series. With CL-38uC , you'll have a high-end musical instrument that looks spectacular, sounds even better, and radiates Japanese audiophile heritage. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

“[Not] just a good value; it’s an exceptional value.”
—Art Dudley, Stereophile, Class A Recommended Component

Long Life and Reliability
Each CL-38uC control amplifier undergoes a final performance check after a 48-hour aging process following assembly. Luxman selected JJ Electronic vacuum tubes, as they are renowned for their reliability, long life and the ease with which they operate at vacuum-tube amplifier voltages and heat-dissipation conditions.

Elegant Construction with SRPP Circuitry
CL-38uC's SRPP circuitry, used for the phono equalizer section, tone control section, and amp section, ensures a flat frequency response and has other advantages, such as a low-output impedance (300 ohms), low distortion, and extended vacuum tube life. The elegant construction of such a control amplifier in a dedicated enclosure allows us ample space to mount a full complement of vacuum tubes inside, realizing clear and accurate musical expression and enviable sound quality.

Balanced Inputs and Various Controls
CL-38uC's balanced input terminals have dedicated transformers, improving integration with other high-end equipment. The built-in phono equalizer circuit is compatible with MM and MC cartridges and equipped with step-up transformers for MC cartridges an independent left and right two-step gain selector. The three-position switchable crossover frequencies for bass and treble tone controls enable the listener to fine tune the signal to the desired tonal character.

Dedicated Remote Control
CL-38uC comes with a compact aluminum remote control, making it easy to control the volume from your listening position.

Input sensitivity/input impedance:
   PHONO (MM): 2.0mV/47kΩ
   PHONO (MC high): 0.3mV/100Ω
   PHONO (MC low): 0.08mV/30Ω
   LINE: 190mV/50kΩ
   BAL.LINE: 190mV/20kΩ *2
Output/output impedance: Rated 1V/300Ω
Frequency response:
   PHONO: 20Hz to 20kHz (±0.5dB)
   LINE/BAL.LINE: 10Hz to 70kHz (within -3.0dB)
Total harmonic distortion:
   0.006% or less (1kHz)
   0.06% or less (20Hz to 20kHz)
S/N ratio (IHF-A):
   PHONO (MM): 68dB or more
   PHONO (MC high): 63dB or more
   PHONO (MC low): 60dB or more
   LINE/BAL.LINE: 100dB or more
Tone control:
   BASS: 150/300/600Hz,
   TREBLE: 1.5k/3k/6kHz
Low cut: 30Hz(-6dB/oct.)
Circuit: SRPP
Vacuum tubes: ECC83S×3, ECC82×5
Power supply: 230V~(50Hz)/115V~(60Hz)
Power consumption: 35W
Dimensions (WHD): 17.3" x 6.7" x 12.1"
Weight: 29.3 lbs.
Accessories: Remote control (RA-19), Power cable
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