Denon - DCD-900NE CD Player **OPEN BOX**

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Denon - DCD-900NE CD Player **OPEN BOX**

Denon - DCD-900NE CD Player **OPEN BOX**

Now $439.00
Was $549.00
Save $110.00 (20%)
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The Denon DCD-900NE CD Player Offers Exceptional Sound Quality, Reliable Performance, Endless Hours of Fun from Shiny Discs, and Much More

The streaming revolution has changed listening habits for many music lovers, but the Denon DCD-900NE CD Player proves that there are ample reasons to hold on to your CD collection. With its spectacular sound and steady, reliable performance, the DCD-900NE is your magic carpet ride for endless hours of fun with shiny discs. A flexible component with exceptional build quality, the DCD-900NE plays back the CD, CDR/RW, MP3, and WMA formats. Or, you can plug in a USB stick to add playback of FLAC up to 192kHz/24bits or DSD 2.8 MHz/5.6 MHz.

The DCD-900NE utilizes data interpolation algorithms, up-sampling, and bit-extension for audio playback that is beautifully faithful to the original recording. The unit is constructed with specifically fitted power transformers, and its layout features increased physical separation between the different audio and digital boards, reducing both vibration and interference. Additionally, it features a DAC master clock design: A clock adjacent to the DAC perfectly synchronizes digital circuits, ensuring unaltered audio.

Bolstered by a company legacy that is more than a century old, the overall build quality of the DCD-900NE ensures that it is a player you will enjoy for many years to come. Each unit is rigorously tested and carefully tuned to deliver reliable, steady performance. Featuring Advanced AL32 Processing Plus and an integrated USB port, the DCD-900NE reveals the highest quality audio signals from standard CD and USB sources supporting high-res playback. Fantastic sound is available at your fingertips, thanks to the included remote control.

If you are building a hi-fi system, the DCD-900NE is an ideal partner for the Denon PMA-900HNE Integrated Network Amplifier (also available from Music Direct). Both components come with the 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

Denon's Origin Story

The staff at Denon is proud of the company's long history of innovation, dating back more than a century. Founded by American entrepreneur Frederick Whitney Horn in association with Japanese partners, Nippon Denki Onkyo Kabushikigaisha (which literally translates to "Japan Electric Sound Company") first came into existence in 1910 as part of Nippon Chikuonki Shokai (the Japan Recorders Corporation). Two words—"denki," the Japanese word for "electric," and "onkyo," the Japanese word for "sound"—would become essential for the future of the company.

At the time, the parent company was making single-sided recording discs and gramophones, which until then were used for little more than voice recording. This era was about 30 years after Thomas Edison had invented his phonograph (1877), which "wrote sound" onto a wax cylinder. Emile Berliner had only recently started the transition from cylinders to the lateral-cut flat disc, in the process coining the term "gramophone."

The new company became not only the first consumer audio manufacturer to sell a gramophone, but also Japan's first record company. This history illustrates how Denon—the company changed its name in the 1930s, taking the first syllables of "denki" and "onkyo"—has long been at the forefront of technology. Denon has manufactured not only the equipment to reproduce music, but it also has been a key part of the recording process itself.

A focused investment in audio research and design is a rich part of the company's heritage, and it is a commitment that continues as Denon builds superb components for today's discerning music lover.

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