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Rotel - RCD-1572 MKII CD Player (Silver) **OPEN BOX**

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Rotel - RCD-1572 MKII CD Player (Silver) **OPEN BOX**

Rotel - RCD-1572 MKII CD Player (Silver) **OPEN BOX**

Now $960.00
Was $1,199.99
Save $239.99 (20%)
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Rotel RCD-1572 MKII CD Player Offers Exceptional Performance, Incredible Clarity, and an Ultra-Low Noise Floor

The RCD-1572 MKII continues Rotel's proud tradition of delivering award-winning CD players since 1989 with accurate reproduction of the recording, accurate frequency response, and an ultra-low noise floor. The RCD-1572 MKII is engineered to deliver a stunning level of detail, extraordinary clarity, and an exceptional sense of sonic space and depth—all from the CDs you already own.

Utilizing an ultra-low-noise toroidal transformer that was manufactured in-house, the RCD-1572 MKII's circuits are electrically and physically isolated to lower the noise floor and remove unwanted distortion. A premium Texas Instruments 32-bit DAC delivers superb frequency response to fully balanced differential XLR Balanced, RCA, and coaxial digital outputs.

The smooth-action CD tray loader and front panel display ensure long listening sessions, with easy, reliable playback of your favorite discs using the intuitive IR remote or front-panel control buttons.

Several features add convenient functionality to the RCD-1572 MKII, including the ability to memorize a group of tracks to be played, to repeat a disc, program, or track over and over, to play the tracks on a disc in random order, and to select from several available time displays.

Like all Music Direct products, the Rotel RCD-1572 MKII CD Player comes with the 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

"The Rotel does its job exactly right, taking those bits on that shiny disc and translating them into sweet, sweet music.... The Rotel RCD-1572 MKII is, as anticipated, a rock-solid CD player with speedy loading, reliable playback, and exceptional sound quality. It offers the exact features that you would expect to find on a classic CD player.... [It will] surely serve a music lover well for years to come."
—Mark Henninger, Home Theater Review, 2022 Editors' Choice Award

Commitment to Environmentalism

As more and more electronics are produced around the world, the Rotel staff believes it is important for manufacturers to do all they can to design products that have a minimum impact on the environment. Rotel employees are proud to do their part. For example, Rotel has reduced the lead content in its products by using special lead-free ROHS solder and components.

Rotel engineers continually strive to improve power-supply efficiency without compromising quality. When in standby mode, Rotel products use minimal power to meet global Standby Power Consumption requirements. Additionally, the Rotel factory undergoes constant improvements to its product-assembly methods, resulting in cleaner and “greener” manufacturing processes.

About Rotel

Rotel was founded by a family whose passionate interest in music led them to manufacture high-fidelity components of uncompromising quality. Through the decades, that passion has remained undiminished.

Rotel’s engineers work closely as a team, intensely listening to, and fine-tuning, each new product until it meets exacting musical standards. The engineers are free to choose components from around the world in order to make that product the best it can be. Rotel products are likely to include capacitors from the United Kingdom and Germany, and semiconductors from Japan or the United States, while toroidal power transformers are manufactured in Rotel’s own factory.

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