Solidsteel - Hyperspike HY Series Modular Audio Rack

Equipment Furniture
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Solidsteel - Hyperspike HY Series Modular Audio Rack

Solidsteel - Hyperspike HY Series Modular Audio Rack

Price $1,499.00
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Functional Beauty: Italian-Made Solidsteel HY Series Modular Audio Racks Feature Stainless-Steel Four-Pillar Support System, MDF Shelves, and Advanced Vibration Absorption

Functional beauty: That expression describes Solidsteel's HY Series equipment racks, a four-polar system directly evolved from the Hyperspike Junior Series and designed to both serve as unstinting support for gear while boosting the quality of the sound you experience. HY Series features the Italian manufacturer's trademark stainless-steel frames paired with gorgeous, MDF shelves painted in a flat black finish. Standard dimensions of the shelves allow you to combine multiple units for increasing width. Solidsteel's no-compromise adjustable support spikes mean you'll have no problem leveling your rack to exact specifications. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

From built to performance, every aspect of HY Series grants reference-level component support without the reference-level price tag. You will be astounded how much better your gear performs when supported by one of these amazing racks. Sonically, you will hear deeper details, wider soundstages, greater dynamics, and much-improved tonal balances. HyperSpike HY Series audio racks also serve as excellent resonance-control devices that eliminate vibrations and other sound-degrading nasties. In the same way you wouldn't leave a valuable sports car on the street instead of placing it in a garage, your audio gear similarly deserves equivalent shelter and protection. The four-pillar HY Series gives you all of that and much more.

"Yes, it's expensive but it offers a tangible sonic upgrade to standard, non-hi-fi furniture and also a good deal of purpose-designed stuff too. I found it to be very well-engineered – modular, strong, and attractive, it provided good isolation and let my hi-fi give off its best. Well worth an audition, if you're after a serious system support."
—Mark Gusew, Stereonet, Applause Award

"It sounds like it looks – immaculate, neat and perfectly symmetrical, with no clutter or embellishment. Although very expensive, it should bring about a step change in your system sound, as well as showing it off visually, too."
Stereonet, 2020 Product of the Year Award

Hardware: Stainless Steel (INOX)
Shelves: MDF ennobled (medium-density fiberboard)
Sustainability for each shelf: 155 lbs.
Outer Dimensions (WHD):
   HY-2: 22.83" x 19.88" x 18.9"
   HY-3: 22.83" x 29.52" x 18.9"
   HY-4: 22.83" x 39.17" x 18.9"
Inner Shelves Dimensions (WHD):
   HY-2: 19.21" x 12.4" x 18.9"
   HY-3: 19.21" x 12.4"/8.46" x 18.9"
   HY-4: 19.21" x 12.4"/8.46"/8.46" x 18.9"
   HY-2: 61.7 lbs.
   HY-3: 92.5 lbs.
   HY-4: 132.2 lbs.
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