Solidsteel - S5 Series Replacement Shelves

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Solidsteel - S5 Series Replacement Shelves

Solidsteel - S5 Series Replacement Shelves

Price $175.00
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Replacement Shelves for Customizable Solidsteel S5 Series Audio Racks Offer Sturdiness, Isolation, and Convenience

Solidsteel S5 Series audio racks are tailor-made for source gear: Every component is individually isolated in a shelf system with aluminum poles and modular design. These sturdy replacement shelves help ensure that your system remains secure. Using the menu above, you can select a Top Shelf or an Inner Shelf Set.

Solidsteel S5 Series audio racks move to the upper echelon of its equipment class courtesy of a special anti-vibration system unique to the line. These are the ideal racks on which to place your source components. Each main structural shelf on every S5 model sustains a second shelf that rests on four adjustable Solidsteel cones that are placed into cone-cups inset on the main shelf. This technique results in reference-class isolation, as well as significantly increased total shelf mass.

Each shelf is not only decoupled from the other, but the most resonant part of the shelf (the center) is effectively removed. Say goodbye to vibration and distortion, and hello to unstinting stability and precise imaging. Boasting multiple technological advancements that make for an even better-sounding structure, and offering customizable options, the Italian-made S5 Series turns isolation and stability into a work of art on par with the world's finest audio gear. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

S5 Series is available in 2-shelf, 3-shelf, 4-shelf, or 5-shelf configurations. Choose a model from our website or call a Music Direct audio consultant today to get your equipment the home it deserves.


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