SVS - SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer

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SVS - SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer

SVS - SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer

Price $899.99
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Bass Extension Below 20Hz Plus Refinement, Musicality, Tautness, and Control: SVS SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer Fits in Tight Spaces

Think you need a massive-sized sub to get massive-scale bass? The SVS SB-2000 Pro subwoofer is out to crush such myths and spoil you with subterranean extension that reaches below 20Hz with both refinement and musicality. Did we mention SB-2000 Pro measures just 15 inches on all sides and won the prestigious 2020-2021 EISA Award for Best Home Theater Subwoofer? Its rigidly braced, acoustically inert sealed cabinet takes control of a room with greater output levels than those typically possible from a compact sealed subwoofer. A fantastic solution for audiophile stereo systems or home theaters in which space remains at a premium, SB-2000 sets price-to-performance benchmarks and includes technology implemented from SVS' Ultra Series line.

Inside, an all-new 12-inch SVS driver with 550 watts RMS, a Sledge STA-550D amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output and more than 1,500 watts of peak power, and a 50MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP do the heavy lifting. To top it off, SB-2000 Pro lets you control volume, custom presets, and much more from your phone via the SVS app. It doesn't get more convenient or intuitive than that. Indeed, all aspects of the 38.6-pound PB-2000 Pro have been devised to optimize both sound and user friendliness. It will take your entertainment experiences to new levels and give you the true depth, harmonic complement, and realistic detail most loudspeakers cannot do alone.

Feel free to read more about the specifics below, but the construction and technology behind SB-2000 Pro's driver, amplifier, and customization are no small matter. And on the back, you'll find an Intelligent Control Interface that gives you command over the unit's most critical functions — low-pass filter frequency and volume included. Factor in SVS' unconditional five-year warranty and our 100% Music Direct Guarantee, and you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

"The days of the simple, big-box subwoofer are over, and products like the SVS SB-2000 Pro demonstrate just how far bass reinforcement has come for both hi-fi and home-cinema settings.... While ‘depth, weight, and authority' used to be audiophile code for 'boomy, flabby, and overpowering,' on the SB-2000 Pro, [the phrase] holds no double meanings."
Hi-Fi+, Subwoofer of the Year, Highly Commended Award

"With the SB-2000 Pro in particular, they have the refinement for more subtle source material, but as stated above, will also go about as deep as any reasonable human would want to go. Put simply, the SB-2000 Pro is clearly another resounding win for SVS."
—Sean Killebrew, Home Theater Review

"And while the sealed cabinet may be ‘small', its performance is anything but — this is a polished performer that unearths both the nuance and scale of movie sound mixes, delivering dramatic, deep bass while simultaneously remaining controlled and speedy."
—EISA, 2020-2021 Best Home Theater Subwoofer Award

"[It] turns out that the SB-2000 Pro is just as proficient at pumping out huge explosions in action movies as it is blending into a two-channel audiophile setup. Better still, the SB-2000 Pro is affordable enough that I would consider buying two a worthwhile option if you want to get more even bass distribution in your room."
—Michael Trei, Sound & Vision, Top Pick review

"The flexibility of this subwoofer makes it a great addition to any system, regardless of whether you are into John Coltrane or John Wick."
—Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

All-New 12-Inch Driver Provides Serious Output

The completely redesigned 12-inch SVS driver delivers massive low-frequency output with unerring accuracy and transient speed. An aluminum vented cone with exceptional stiffness-to-mass ratio and a proprietary injection-molded extreme-excursion surround ensure flawless pistonic motion for control and accuracy. The dual ferrite magnet motor assembly, weighing more than 15 pounds, generates massive amounts of magnetics to produce extreme driver excursion without losing control. You get effortless extension below 20Hz without distortion. In addition, a lightweight and rigid aluminum vented cone with composite fiber dust-cap creates room-energizing SPLs while maintaining control even at high drive levels. SB-2000 Pro uses a long-throw parabolic surround with proprietary injection molding to allow extreme excursion for bass you can feel. Last but not least, the dual-layer voice coil design maximizes linearity and accuracy at full excursion while minimizing distortion and power compression.

Sledge STA-550D Amplifier Optimizes Efficiency

Conservatively rated at 550 watts RMS, 1,500+ watts peak power, the Sledge STA-550D amplifier maximizes the full potential of the SB-2000 Pro 12-inch driver with effortless power and precise control. The innovative design combines the efficiency of a Class D amplifier with the ability to move colossal amounts of current through the fully discrete MOSFETs for outstanding real-world subwoofer performance at all drive levels. Relatedly, the sophisticated 50MHz high-res Analog Devices Audio DSP maintains pinpoint accuracy and pristine sound quality through advanced in-room tuning, powerful DSP controls, and more. Frequency response curves optimized specifically for the SB-2000 Pro allow the subwoofer to take control of a room and pressurize it with crisp, heart-pounding bass.

Control Everything from Your Phone

The SVS 2000 Pro Series subwoofer app is an exceptionally convenient way to control volume, access multiple DSP functions, and program custom presets for one-touch tuning optimized for music, movies, gaming, and more. Adjust crossover frequencies, a three-band parametric EQ, polarity, room gain, and more, all from your favorite seat. The SVS subwoofer app also allows advanced customization so you can name your subwoofer for easy preset switching, choose the subwoofer standby mode, and reset the subwoofer to factory settings. Bluetooth connectivity allows full control, even when the subwoofer is out of sight, and bi-directional feedback shows adjustments in real time on both the app and rear-panel subwoofer interface.

Driver: 12"
Amplifier: 550 watts RMS (1500 watts peak)
Freq. Response: 19-240 hz ±3 DB
Dimensions (HWD): 14.6" x 14.2" x 15.6"

User Manual (PDF, 8.3 MB)

Quick Start Guide (PDF, 1.5 MB)

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