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Rickie Lee Jones - Traffic From Paradise (Hybrid SACD)

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Rickie Lee Jones - Traffic From Paradise (Hybrid SACD)

Rickie Lee Jones - Traffic From Paradise (Hybrid SACD)

Price $29.99
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Rickie Lee Jones Traffic From Paradise on Hybrid SACD

Also Available on 200g LP

From the moment she first appeared in front of us on Saturday Night Live in 1979, Rickie Lee Jones has challenged her listeners and the establishment with an absorbing musical vision that defies border and classification. She rocked the culture of the  singer/songwriter with her refusal to conform to the stayed and careful eloquence of the folk rock generation that came before her. Neither punk nor pop, she tottered on a thread of her own device, jazz - the old musical kind, and R&B - the Motown thread that permeates her work.

Her self-titled debut album, released by Warner Bros. in March of 1979, had an immediate and profound impact on the music world and the culture at large ultimately becoming a multi-million selling hit. Jones secured five Grammy Award nominations, including Best New Artist, which she won at the 1980 ceremony. She secured a second Grammy in 1989 for Best Jazz Performance for her duet with long time pal Dr. John on "Making Whoopee."

When it comes to all of Rickie Lee Jones' work, one has to listen to what she truly has to say, which is not a hallmark of most popular music. She has always been different because she conveys meaning not solely through her well-crafted songs, but through pure sound as well. Jones’ vocal work also hearkens back to the great singer-song stylists of an earlier generation, ranging from Billie Holiday to Laura Nyro who were intent on making us absorb reality from their lived point of view.

1993’s Traffic from Paradise, her sixth full-length studio effort overall, was produced, mixed and recorded by an all-female crew and has the energy less of a committed feminist than a woman who has grown comfortable in her skin, and who once said that her vulnerability as an artist, and as a woman, made convention seem like the least of her problems.

The meditative and highly spiritual 10-song set consists of all Jones originals with a lone cover of David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel" being the only exception. The album also features contributions from Leo Kottke, David Hildago and Jim Keltner among others. This product is a Hybrid SACD designed to play in both CD and SACD players, as well as all SACD-compatible DVD players.

Rickie Lee Jones Traffic From Paradise Track Listing:

1.    Pink Flamingos 
2.    Alter Boy 
3.    Stewart's Coat 
4.    Beat Angels  
5.    Tigers 
6.    Rebel Rebel 
7.    Jolie Jolie 
8.    Running from Mercy 
9.    A Stranger's Car 
10.   The Albatross 
1. Pink Flamingos
2. Alter Boy
3. Stewart's Coat
4. Beat Angels
5. Tigers
6. Rebel Rebel
7. Jolie Jolie
8. Running from Mercy
9. A Stranger's Car
10. The Albatross
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