Cybotron - Enter (Vinyl LP)

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Cybotron - Enter (Vinyl LP)

Cybotron - Enter (Vinyl LP)

Price $25.99
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Originally released on Fantasy Records in 1983, the debut album by Detroit electro-outfit Cyobtron is a foundational record in the evolution of electronic dance music. Often cited as one of the forebearers of modern techno, Enter is commonly cited as the only old-school electro album with major staying power, largely due to the strength of the writing ("Alleys Of Your Mind," "Cosmic Cars," "Clear") and the harmonious collision of Juan Atkins' penchant for cosmic funk production techniques and Rick Davis' arena rock sensibilities. Wire cited "Clear" as a "groundbreaking...first-generation piece of pure machine music," while newer listeners may recognize it as the hook from Missy Elliott's "Lose Control" among other major hip-hop hits.

• Standard weight vinyl reissue from Craft Recordings
• Remastered audio
• Pressed in Detroit, MI at Third Man Pressing

  1. Enter
  2. Alleys Of Your Mind
  3. Industrial Lines
  4. The Line
  5. Cosmic Cars
  6. Cosmic Raindance
  7. El Salvador
  8. Clear
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