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Janis Ian - Breaking Silence (180g Vinyl LP)

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Janis Ian - Breaking Silence (180g Vinyl LP)

Janis Ian - Breaking Silence (180g Vinyl LP)

Price $39.99
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Janis Ian Breaking Silence on 180g LP from Analogue Productions

Mastered by Doug Sax & Pressed on 200g Vinyl at Quality Record Pressings!

Also Available on Gold CD

Breaking Silence finds Janis Ian's voice in its purest, most vital form ever! The tracks were recorded as live as possible without sounding retro. The 1992 all-analogue recording, praised as much for the artist's too infrequently heard talents as for its recorded dynamics, is now available on a flattering 180g vinyl pressing! Also available on an equally meticulous transfer to gold-plated CD.

Both audiophile LP and CD versions reflect what the two top bibles of high-end audio decree as an impeccable production that has come to be regarded as a high-fidelity reference. Matched with Ian's very personal songs, delivered in a voice that draws you in close in confidence, Breaking Silence is one of the very few recordings of recent years that by reproducing a pure analogue sound, has attained true audiophile status.

All tracks were recorded at Nightingale Studio on a Studer 820, 24-track machine, 30 IPS, non-dolby, at the elevation of +6/250 nu using Ampex 499 tape. Included among the mics used on the recording dates were: Nuemann M-49, AKG C-12, Telefunken 251, Sheffield C-9 and a custom built tube direct box on the bass. Janis' vocal was recorded using a Telefunken U-47 and a Mastering Lab mic preamp, linked with series-one Monster Cable direct to the back of the multi-track machine with no EQ or Limiting.

The album was mixed at Bill Schnee Studio to an Ampex ATR 1/2" machine, at 30 IPS, non-dolby, at the elevation of +3/250 nu on Ampex 499 tape. The reverb on the album was an EMT tube plate used along with natural room sounds captured in the recording. During the mixing of the album, "Some People's Lives" was recorded direct to two-track using the same vocal chain as above and Telefunken 251's on the piano. Take number two was used as the album cut. The album was mixed using Mastering Lab modified Tannoy SGM-10's powered by Sherwood-Sax mono-block tube amps. Produced, engineered and mixed by Jeff Balding. Mastered by Doug Sax.

- 1992 all-analogue recording
- 180g vinyl pressing
- Pressed at Quality Record Pressings
- Tip-on gatefold jacket
- Mastered by Doug Sax
- Produced, engineered and mixed by Jeff Balding

Janis Ian Breaking Silence Track Listing:

1.    All Roads To The River 
2.    Ride Me Like A Wave 
3.    Tatoo 
4.    Guess You Had To Be There 
5.    What About The Love 
6.    His Hands 
7.    Walking On Sacred Ground 
8.    This Train Still Runs 
9.    Through The Years 
10.   This House 
11.   Some People's Lives 
12.   Breaking Silence


1. All Roads To The River
2. Ride Me Like A Wave
3. Tatoo
4. Guess You Had To Be There
5. What About The Love
6. His Hands
7. Walking On Sacred Ground
8. This Train Still Runs
9. Through The Years
10. This House
11. Some People's Lives
12. Breaking Silence

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