Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (Vinyl LP) * * * *

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Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (Vinyl LP) * * * *

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (Vinyl LP) * * * *

Price $26.99
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Awash in controversy and loaded with revolutionary protest, Jefferson Airplane's Volunteers stands as the last album made by the group's classic lineup and brings insurgent closure to the peace-and-love era. The potent 1969 record confronts war, politics, greed, and environmental ruin in head-on fashion matched by few peers. Steeped in the belief people and music could transform the world, it steers the band in community-minded and county-rock directions, and features charged playing by guest luminaries such as Jerry Garcia, Stephen Stills, David Crosby, and Nicky Hopkins. Volunteers also benefits from being one of the first 16-track recordings. Stills and Crosby assist in rocking the boat on a turbulent cover of "Wooden Ships" lined with Grace Slick and Marty Balin's overlapping lead vocals. Hopkins gooses the call-to-arms title track with frisky boogie-woogie lines. Garcia lends "The Farm" a suitable rustic vibe, and on his final appearance with the Airplane, drummer Spencer Dryden helms the pastoral sing-a-long "A Song for All Seasons." Over 50 years later, Volunteers remains a cultural and musical touchstone.

  1. We Can Be Together
  2. Good Shepard
  3. The Farm
  4. Hey Frederick
  5. Turn My Life Down
  6. Wooden Ships
  7. Eskimo Blue Day
  8. A Song for All Seasons
  9. Meadowlands
  10. Volunteers
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