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Groovetracer - Delrin Platter


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Incredible-Sounding Upgrade for Rega Turntables Requires No Adjustments: Hand-Made, Precision-Machined GrooveTracer Delrin Platter Enhances Definition, Balances, Details, Imaging, and More

Hear improved balances, better-defined upper frequencies, extra inner detail, dramatically enhanced imaging, and more from your Rega turntable with the GrooveTracer Delrin Platter. Designed for a wide range of Rega rigs, this analog accessory is hand-made in a U.S. machine shop abiding by military tolerances, engineered with exacting detail, and hand-inspected before being shipped to your door. Every element of the 5-pound, 3-ounce Delrin Platter is manufactured to the highest-possible quality and will take your ‘table to the next level – both sonically and visually. It's also simple to install: This platter doesn't require any adjustment in tonearm height (VTA) or any further changes to your ‘table.

Because it shares many of the same properties of vinyl records, Delrin is the material of choice for record platters. It also carries more mass than the majority of high-performance thermoplastics available, a facet crucial to maintaining speed stability. The challenge in using Delrin not only relates to its expense but the personal focus it requires during the manufacturing process. GrooveTracer's manufacturing process begins with an oversized blank machined to its final size by several machining operations. In order to maintain the combined thickness of the glass platter and felt mat, the underside of the platter is recessed to match Rega's distance from the top of the plinth to the top of the playing surface. In other words, no adjustment in tonearm height (VTA) is required to use the GrooveTracer platter. Finally, GrooveTracer machined a label recess so that the record will lay flush with the playing surface. (No mat should be used with this platter.)

Platter Compatibility
GrooveTracer Delrin Platters are compatible with Rega Planar 3 (2016 model),
Planar 2, 3, and 25, RP1, RP3, RP6, RP40, P1, P2, P3, P25, P3-24, and P5 turntables. GrooveTracer Delrin Platters are also compatible with RP6 turntables, but require changing the Subplatter to complete the modification. See https://www.musicdirect.com/analog-accessories/Groovetracer-Reference-Subplatter for more information.

GrooveTracer Delrin Platter Features Summary
The Delrin platter carries more mass than the original Rega glass platter (83 ounces compared to 70 ounces), increasing its ability to maintain constant rotational speed. The extra mass will not damage the bearing. The outside diameter of the platter is recessed and 5/8-inches (15mm) larger than the original platter to provide additional mass. This is a unique to GrooveTracer. All surfaces are machined to precise tolerances. No VTA adjustment is required. Simply install the platter and play records.

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