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Phono Preamplifiers 

Phono Preamplifiers

Whether you just acquired your very first turntable or never abandoned the unique pleasures of spinning LPs, a good phono preamplifier (also known as a phonostage) is absolutely essential to complete the high-end analog equation. At their core, phono preamplifiers amplify the extremely low-voltage signal output by phono cartridges. Yet their overall performance – as well as their dynamic, imaging, pace, and detail abilities – is largely determined by a multitude of factors that involve circuits, power supplies, filters, shielding, gain/load settings, and MM/MC compatibility.

Such complexities – and vinyl's hyper-nuanced characteristics – explain why most built-in phono preamplifiers cannot deliver the resolution, refinement, quiet, and warmth provided by an external phono preamplifier. No matter your budget or requirements, Music Direct has a phono preamplifier to suit your needs and enrich your music experience. Our unparalleled analog expertise also means our staff can answer any questions and talk you through the setup process. Let us pair you with a phono preamplifier that helps bring to life the spectrum of information contained in your records' grooves.

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