Music Direct has specialized in bringing the finest selection of quality turntables to audio enthusiasts for more than 25 years. We are passionate about pairing analog lovers with the perfect turntable for their budget, existing components, and musical preferences. Each of our turntable specialists has decades of personal experience building and enjoying turntable-based analog systems in their homes.

Championed the world over as the premier audio playback device, the turntable has reigned as king for discerning music listeners for more than 130 years. Dramatically reimagined from Edison's original phonograph prototype, contemporary turntables are modern engineering marvels featuring cutting-edge engineering, high-tech materials, and incredible sound reproduction.

Audiophile turntables from manufacturers such as VPI, Rega, Pro-Ject, and Clearaudio are prized for their lush, warm, and immersive sonic performance. The heart and soul of any analog hi-fi audio system, turntables represent the foundation of creating the ultimate musical experience.

Whether you're purchasing your first turntable, getting back into vinyl after a few years, or have questions about upgrading your current rig, we're here to help. Music Direct offers a variety of high-performance, best-reviewed turntables spanning a wide range of budgets and features. Call us today and let's talk about turntables!