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Vibration Control 

What is Vibration Control?

Vibration and noise are the eternal enemies of quality music reproduction. Vibration-control devices do more than maximizing your components’ potential by removing resonance and vibrations. They’re also about getting you as close as possible to the music and letting you feel its emotions. When vibration’s ill effects become terminated, notes become clearer, soundstages grow deeper, vocals sound truer, images come into sharper focus, and the recorded space emerges with greater detail.

Because every component produces vibration artifacts, solutions come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. The most basic and affordable accessories involve isolation cones, feet, sheets, bases, and discs that go underneath disc players, DACs, amplifiers, and the like. Simple yet essential, RCA and XLR caps supply similar benefits by preventing contamination and lowering the overall noise floor. More advanced techniques employ gear-specific isolation platforms and mechanically tuned stabilizers equipped with their own direct ground paths. For dream systems, height- and diameter-adjustable isolation devices and risers give you ultimate control and flexibility while simultaneously furnishing superlative noise-damping performance.

No matter your budget or setup, Music Direct can help guide you and determine what works for your needs in this ever-important category. Remember: Even a minimal amount of vibration control is much better than none at all!

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