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VPI - 16.5 Deluxe Bundle

Record Cleaning Machine

VPI - 16.5 Deluxe Bundle WVPIRCM16DLX

VPI - 16.5 Deluxe Bundle

Record Cleaning Machine

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Includes VPI Record Cleaning Machine, Fluids, Brushes, Mat, Zerostat, and More: Money-Saving VPI HW-16.5 Deluxe Bundle Contains Everything You Need to Get the Most Out of Your Valuable Records

Save on This Complete Record-Care Package: VPI HW-16.5 Deluxe Bundle Made to Enhance Sound of Your Vinyl LPs, Also Preserves Lifespan of Your Turntable/Cartridge

Keep your irreplaceable record collection in tip-top shape for generations to come with the VPI HW-16.5 Deluxe Bundle. Equipped with the American-made VPI HW-16.5 record cleaning machine, Mobile Fidelity fluids, record brushes, inner sleeves, a VPI cork record mat, a Milty Zerostat, and more, the VPI HW-16.5 Deluxe Bundle will enhance the sound of every vinyl LP you spin. If you are into vinyl and have even a few dozen records, consider this bundle mandatory. And remember: Clean, properly stored records are more valuable. Plus, the VPI HW-16.5 Deluxe Bundle means your turntable and cartridge will be kept cleaner, extending their lifespan and performance.

This incredible package allows you to clean your LPs and then immediately play them. There's no need to wait for surfaces to dry when you have the world's best-selling, American-made vacuum cleaning machine at your behest. For archival, cleaning, and sonic purposes, the VPI HW-16.5 Deluxe Bundle gets you where you need to go and do so effectively, quickly, and simply. 

“The vacuum system is more than adequate to remove embedded dirt, and the 16.5 is fairly easy to use.”
The Absolute Sound, Editors’ Choice Award

Package includes:
  • VPI HW-16.5 record cleaning machine
  • 1 bottle of Mobile Fidelity Super Record Wash
  • 1 bottle of Mobile Fidelity Super Deep Cleaner
  • 2 Mobile Fidelity Record Brushes (for scrubbing)
  • 1 Milty Zerostat (for elimination of static build-up)
  • 1 AudioQuest Brush (dry brush for use with Premier)
  • 100 of our best inner sleeves
  • 1 extra VPI Cork mat (so you don't have to put the just-cleaned side of an LP back down on a dirty mat! Just put on the extra mat when you flip your LP to clean the other side...just like Michael Fremer recommends!)
  • 1 Extra LP sized Pick Up Tube to be used only on Sealed/More Valuable LPs (that way your best/new LPs will never touch a vacuum pick-up tube that has come in contact with dirt, mold and grime!)
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