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REGA - Exact 2 MM Phono Cartridge

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Rega - Exact 2 MM Phono Cartridge AREGAMMEXACT2

REGA - Exact 2 MM Phono Cartridge

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A Remarkable Tracker with Amazing Speed, Detail Retrieval, and Wonderfully Natural Tonality

Newly updated, the Rega Exact 2 shares the same body molding as the rest of the Rega cartridge range, but that is where the similarities end! The Exact 2 has a one piece body and has no energy sapping joints between the stylus mounting and headshell contact face. It is machined perfectly flat to ensure maximum contact between the cartridge and headshell. When we say this moving-magnet is fast, we're not kidding. The dynamic presentation you'll experience from this cartridge will leave you speechless. It delivers incredible extension at both frequency extremes and is guaranteed to pull more music from the grooves of your record collection than you have ever experienced before. while this mates perfectly on any Rega table, the Exact 2 is a remarkable upgrade for any turntable! Very highly recommended!

Coil Winding
Rega have designed and developed its own coil winding machine. This allows them to manufacture coils in a completely new and innovative way. This means approximately one third less wire is used than in their other cartridges, making the Exact even more efficient than the Elys.

The Exact has a highly expensive non removable cantilever, fitted with a “Vital” diamond tip. This tip fits into the record groove more precisely than the usual elliptical type, allowing more information to be gleaned from the records.

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Output: 6.8 - 7.2mV
Stylus: Vital. Complex fine line micro-ground from a rectangular diamond billet.
Fixing: Rega three point fixing
Coils: High Spec parallel wound coils
Color: Yellow
User Manual (PDF, 66 KB)

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