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Wirelogic - Smart Surge 10 Power Strip
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Wirelogic by AudioQuest Wirelogic - Smart Surge 10 Power Strip

Power Conditioner

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Get SMART About Protecting Your Equipment, Electronics, and Appliances from AC Power Spikes, High-Frequency Noise, and RFI with the WireLogic SMART 10 Power Surge Strip

Made by WireLogic, part of the AudioQuest family, the SMART 10 power surge strip offers excellent power protection at a mass-market cost. On the base level, the ten-outlet SMART 10 guards your audio devices, home appliances, and office equipment from AC power spikes and high-frequency noise. But it does even more. X3 Surge Element technology shields against flame-ups, fire, and melted chassis. Built-in Zero Ground-Termination engineering prohibits common spike returns. Advanced EMI/RFI AC filtering, RJ45 surge protection, and RJ11 protection are also onboard SMART 10. Put SMART 10 all around your house and safeguard your electronics!

Simple, Effective Operation and Versatile Performance
SMART Surge 10 is WireLogic's most sophisticated and versatile surge protector. It offers advanced circuitry, outstanding protection, and intelligent convenience features, including two pairs of gold-plated coaxial connectors, four Always On Outlets, five Energy Saver Outlets, an Energy Saver Switch, Reset button, and a dual-port USB charger optimized for mobile devices.

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