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ETYMOTIC RESEARCH Etymotic - Er20 Hi Fi Earplugs



ETYMOTIC RESEARCH Etymotic - Er20 Hi Fi Earplugs


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Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Your Ears! 

The favorite of musicians around the world, the Eytmotic ER-20 Earplugs reduce decibel levels while minimizing high frequency roll-off. Highly recommended for concert goers or any audiophile spouse.

These one size, low-cost earplugs offer the highest fidelity available in a non-custom earplug. Reduces sound approximately 20 dB at all frequencies. Conventional earplugs reduce sound more in the high frequencies than in the mids and lows, making voices and music sound unclear and unnatural. The ER-20s are DIFFERENT from conventional ear plugs.They reduce sound levels evenly across frequencies, so voices and music are clear and undistorted.

Technical note:
The ER-20s provide 20 dB of hearing protection, yet the labeled NRR is only 12 dB. The reasons for this discrepancy are:

-The NRR is based on a formula that estimates the minimum amount of noise reduction achieved by 98% of laboratory subjects. In other words, most people will achieve a higher level of protection than the labeled NRR if the earplugs are used properly. Clinical measurements show that properly inserted ER20s provide an average of 20 dB sound reduction across frequencies in real ears.

-The NRR formula includes an adjustment for individual variability and for those persons who do not wear hearing protection as instructed. Most available hearing protectors not only muffle the high frequencies, but may also provide too much protection. As a result, many persons who are required to wear hearing protectors put them in only part way, or alter the plugs so they can still hear speech and environmental sounds. Because the ER-20s provide moderate, equal protection across frequencies, there should be no reason to use them inappropriately.

-The NRR tends to be artificially low for flat-attenuation hearing protectors.

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