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FOCAL - Chorus 816V Tower Speakers (PR)



FOCAL - Chorus 816V Tower Speakers (PR)


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Focal 816 V Tower Loudspeakers

Save $1,000 on the Best-Sounding Tower Loudspeakers at This Price Point: Focal Chorus 816 V Plays Music with Beautiful Clarity, Engaging Energy, and Exceptional Bass Response

You won't find yourself wondering about the lower octaves with the Focal Chorus 816 V tower loudspeakers. That's because you'll always hear them with incredible presence. Available for a limited-time at $1,000 off, these floorstanders boast exemplary low-end performance courtesy of a powerflow bass-reflex system and woofers that work in unison. Yet Chorus 816 V isn't a one-trick pony built for just the purpose of spoiling listeners with bass response other speakers in this price range ignore. Outfitted with aluminum-magnesium inverted-dome tweeters – completely unique to FocalChorus 816 V plays with a precision, clarity, and emotional energy that will leave you spellbound. Whether you lean towards rock, classical, or jazz, these French-made musical instruments will fill your room with rich, full soundscapes and beautiful tonalities. Innovative cabinet construction and simply gorgeous high-gloss black finish give Chorus 816 V even more acoustic advantages while also allowing it to look as if they belong beside a brand-new grand piano. Backed by both a five-year parts-and-labor warranty as well as Music Direct's Money-Back Guarantee, Chorus 816 V provides a gateway into high-end audio that cannot be matched given its discount price. Order today and find out for yourself why Chorus 816 V just might be the best audiophile speaker bargain in recent memory.

"The Chorus 800 Vs all handle the transitions from bass to midrange to treble with rare finesse. And when that happens, the speakers' technology melts away, and all you think about is the music."
– Steve Guttenberg, Home Theater

Unique to Focal: The Al/Mg Inverted-Dome Tweeter
Focal's aluminum-magnesium inverted-dome tweeters are paramount among the French manufacturer's proudest achievements. Recognized among the finest tweeters in the industry, they are entirely idiosyncratic: No other speaker company makes them. The result of five years of research and development, and derived from aerospace technology, the Al/Mg tweeter allows for excellent frequency extension, terrific inner detail, constant efficiency, and low mass. A natural dampening material, Mg solves problems associated with vibrations and resonance. Due to the low mass and Al/Mg blend, the Chorus 816 V's drivers accelerate extremely fast and prevent Focal from having to disturb the crossover network (and reduce efficiency), the traditional solution employed by most manufacturers.

Every Tweeter, Driver, and Midrange Tested--Twice
While inverted-dome construction takes advantage of Focal's low-mass concept by using 2/3-less wire in the voice coil, the process requires extreme precision and exactness, characteristics other bottom-line-conscious manufacturers literally cannot afford due to the error rate. Every tweeter, driver, and midrange in your Focal speaker is first tested as a raw driver, then tested again in the speaker, before your speaker sees the inside of a shipping crate. Focal's engineering- and sound-first principles mirror the company's insistence on directing every single aspect of the speaker, from conception to final execution. No other company provides such scrupulous quality control at anywhere near the Chorus 816 V's price point.

An Ingenious Solution for Common Driver Problems
How do you make a midrange/woofer that's both low mass and rigid, so that it boasts increased efficiency, enhanced excursion control, and low mass? The easy explanation resides with Focal's polyglass membrane, which consists of a cellulose fiber cone powder-coated with a minuscule layer of microscopic silica micro-glass beads. The latter add rigidity without adding mass. During testing, Focal discovered that the untreated fiber cone sounds too dark on the upper registers of string instruments such as violins. Sticklers for perfection, the company devised the power-coat stage, which stores the energy and again dismisses any need to cut the energies back in the crossover. Indeed, the 816 V's 4th order/24dB per octave filter-only crossover provides complete musical transparency and three-dimensional sonic reproduction. Drivers are kept in a range where they are optimized for lowest distortion, meaning there aren't any suckouts or dynamics losses. Better still, since amplifiers look at the 816 Vs like a piece of cake, you don't need powerhouse electronics to drive these amazingly efficient loudspeakers.

Innovative Cabinet Design With Patented Powerflow Ports
While pictures don't come close to doing them justice, the 816 Vs look as great they sound. Once again, Focal has elected to prize optimum sound over any potential cost savings or specific appearance. Cabinets are 3/4-inches thick on the front and back, with 1-inch side panels, with each internally braced to further eliminate unwanted resonance. Isolated woofers rid back-wave pressure from affecting other drivers. Focal's nonparallel walls push such undesirable waves into smaller areas, dissipating the energy into heat. In addition, one-inch side cheeks add extra mass and further reduce resonance, so that the energy in your room is part of the musical signal, not distracting vibrations. As they energize the room, the 816 V's dual-firing ports rid both bass compression and turbulence caused by air velocity. Two small ports, while more expensive to incorporate, are chosen for both their engineering and aesthetic benefits. Finally, a cast-aluminum base helps disperse downward sound waves from the bottom port, functioning better than the more traditional wood bases that tend to trap valuable low-frequency information.

Unprecedented Ownership Value
Focal's 816 Vs are among the best loudspeaker buys in their field when at full price. At this sale price, they jump to the top of the class. Focal even keeps a record of every speaker diaphragm it's made since 1979. Hence, you can own your 816 Vs for 15 years, blow a driver, call up Focal with the serial number, and the company will pull up the schematics and make you a replacement even if your model is no longer produced. Such long-term ownership value owes to Focal's depth of engineering, in-house manufacturing, commitment to satisfaction, and five-year warranty, aspects that a majority of its competitors cannot touch.

Type: 2 1/2-way bass reflex floorstanding loudspeaker
    6.5" shielded Polyglass Woofer
    6.5" shielded Polyglass mid-bass
    1" TNV inverted dome tweeter
Frequency response (±3dB): 47Hz-28kHz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 91.5dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Power handling: 200/130W
Dimensions (HWD): 39-5/16" x 11-1/8" x 14-3/4"
Weight: 49.5 lbs.
Warranty: 5 years

User Manual (PDF, 1.4 MB)

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