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NORDOST - Blue Heaven HDMI Cable


Nordost - Blue Heaven HDMI Cable ANORDBHHDMI01M

NORDOST - Blue Heaven HDMI Cable


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A breakthrough in performance, production, and price, the Nordost Blue Heaven HDMI cable is the first HDMI cable entirely designed, manufactured and hand-terminated in the USA. Featuring 19x 26AWG Silver plated solid Core conductors in Nordost's proprietary Micro Mono-Filament construction and High Performance air-spaced FEP Insulation, the Blue Heaven HDMI ensures that in the path from your DVD player or Blu-Ray to your TV, the picture stays crisp and sharp, the audio retains its depth and resolution, and your experience is immersive and enveloping.

When it comes to the challenge of designing high-performance audio cables, the HDMI lead presents a "perfect storm." With 19 conductors, including high-speed digital transmission lines, each with precisely defined termination and impedance characteristics, analog signals and even DC, all shoehorned into a plug of diminutive cross sectional area, it has never been so difficult to deliver consistent results – or so easy to get it wrong, especially over the longer cable runs so often required in AV systems. To stand any chance of meeting HDMI’s exacting specification and transfer standards demands exceptional consistency from both the cable and the termination – and the only way to guarantee that is to bring manufacturing and quality control in-house.

At Nordost it is only performance that counts. With digital interconnect cables that means accurate impedance characteristics, close tolerances and consistent geometry. That’s why the Blue Heaven HDMI is entirely manufactured and hand-terminated at the Nordost factory in the USA, using a proprietary Micro Mono-Filament construction to deliver superior electrical and mechanical characteristics.

The Blue Heaven HDMI has been awarded the coveted DPL Seal Of Approval, meeting the most exacting signal transfer standards out to lengths of five meters – without resorting to the sledgehammer solution of additional inline amplification and the extra noise and distortion that goes with it. Instead, you get a phase coherent, jitter free signal, delivered from your source to both your display and amplifier/decoder.

As always, the Nordost solution is the purist solution. With HDMI becoming the dominant, “one for all” standard for HD and 3D digital transfer, there’s even greater reliance on cable quality. Blue Heaven HDMI is one cable you really can rely on to deliver on time, every time.

Insulation: High Performance air-spaced FEP Insulation
Construction: 19 x 26AWG Micro Mono-Filament construction
Conductors: Silver plated solid Core 99.9999 OFC conductors
Termination: Fully shielded and terminated with high quality gold-plated HDMI connectors
3D Compatible: Passes picture perfect 3D signals and enhanced audio

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