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OPPO Digital Oppo - Headphone Stand


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Oppo Headphone Stand

Oppo Headphone Stand Custom-Designed for Shape of Oppo PM-1, PM-2, and PM-3 'Phones: Elegant-Looking Stand Offers Security and Stability, Preserves Headphones' Physical Form

Take the best-possible care of your Oppo PM-1, PM-2, or PM-3 headphones when you're not wearing them by placing on the Oppo headphone stand, which is custom-designed to accommodate the physical shape of Oppo 'phones. We know you'd rather not ever have to stop listening to music, but when duty calls, or you want to rock out to your stereo, this elegant headphone stand gives you peace of mind that your headphones are secure, stable, and retaining their form. Besides, this classy stand looks so good, it practically doubles as an art sculpture. It also allows you to show off your 'phones to friends and family. You wouldn't store a sports car without a garage, so why would you treat your gateway to personal listening any differently? Oppo has done it again.

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