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WHARFEDALE - Diamond 10.4 Tower Speakers (Pr)



WHARFEDALE - Diamond 10.4 Tower Speakers (Pr)


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Wharfedale Diamond 10.4 Tower Speakers

Powerhouse Performance Belies the Budget-Conscious Price

Lush, Transparent, Inspired: You'll Get Lost in the Sound

How much of a difference can the addition of a dedicated 5-inch bass driver in an already acclaimed speaker design make? Listen to the Wharfedale Diamond 10.4 speaker and you'll be floored by what you hear. This lush, transparent, and inspired model--which shares a majority of its characteristics with its slightly smaller sibling, the 10.3--turns in a powerhouse performance that belies its price. It's so revealing and enjoyable, the critic for Home Theater Review magazine got lost in the sound and totally forgot he was writing a review. Now that's musical realism.

Wharfedale Brings More Than 80 Years of Innovation to the 10.4
Improving on past award-winning designs, the 10.4 features Kevlar cones, a soft-dome tweeter equipped with a neodymium magnet, and full internal cross-bracing. A 5-inch bass driver and twin rear-firing ports bring up the bottom end and yield exuberant punch. Other enhancements, ranging from a low-profile chassis to stronger cabinet walls and a composite front-baffle panel, all contribute to reduced vibration, lower distortion, and increased rigidity. At Music Direct, we don't expect anything less from a British loudspeaker company that for more than 80 years has prized quality and innovation over all else.

Visual Works of Art
Visually, the Diamond 10.4 looks as pretty as it sounds. The elegantly curved cabinets and gorgeous finishes (available in three striking colors) give the speaker an artistic presence. Plus, the 10.4 is effortless to use. On the back, unlike many speakers whose parallel terminals cause problems with or outright prevent connections with thick cables, the 10.4 boasts offset bi-wire terminals that ensure the best-possible connectivity and allow for a wide range of options.

No-Risk Proposition: Speakers Backed by Music Direct's 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Still debating your decision? Breathe easier knowing that Music Direct promises your satisfaction with our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Do we really think you'll be sending back your 10.4s once you hear them? No, but with our safety net, you risk nothing.

Call a Music Direct audio consultant or simply order from our Web site to get your Diamond 10.4s today!

"I've heard people complain that British speakers have a tendency to be a bit dark in character, but that's certainly not the case here. These speakers have tremendous air, yet aren't the least bit fatiguing to the ear. So enjoyable was the sound, I literally forgot I was writing a review and had to play it back a few more times in order to finish writing my listening notes. This is the moment where you double-check the retail price, then wonder how Wharfedale is able to research and develop a speaker of this caliber and sell them for less than a grand."
– Sean Killebrew, Home Theater Review

  • Cast aluminum ports, binding post and Tweeter frame for fit and finish at this price point
  • Tweeter, Midrange and ports are “locked” together stiffening the front baffle
  • Cast aluminum frames for all drivers reduces resonance, improves power handling
  • Open back driver design for zero back-wave bleed through the cone
  • Kevlar cones for highest stiffness to mass ratio, unheard of at this price point
  • Low reflection MSBR surrounds with increased linear driver excursion, improves dynamics and isolates reflections
  • Tweeter gets neodymium magnet for high power and ultimate control
  • Polypropylene Capacitors on tweeter crossover for silky smooth highs
  • Curved side panels reduce panel flex and cancel internal standing waves
  • ¾” MDF enclosure for solid impact and dynamics
  • Full internal cross-bracing for reduced enclosure vibration
  • Poly-fill stuffed enclosures improve bass and midrange performance
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Format: Tower
Bass Driver: 5"
Mid Driver: 5"
Tweeter: 1"
Suitable Amplifier Power: 20 - 120 watts
Nominal Impedance: 6Ω
A/V Shielded: No
Sensitivity: 88 dB
Nominal Frequency Range: 38Hz - 24kHz
HF Limit (-10dB): 44kHz
Freq. Fb: 40Hz
Crossover Frequency: 140Hz / 3.8kHz
Dimensions (HWD): 33.5" H x 7.64" W x 11" D
Weight: 30 lbs. (Each)
User Manual (15 MB)

Brochure (3 MB)

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