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Always on Music Direct's Best Budget Tweak List, if you have never experienced the profound effect that Black Diamond Racing products can have on your system, BDR Cones are the perfect place to start! Molded from a composite of Carbon Fiber and an aerospace grade resin, BDR Cones are elegant, flexible and extremely flexible.

BDR Cones are perhaps the most flexible component in the BDR lineup and by far the most popular. BDR Cones are both inexpensive and shockingly effective. They also greatly enhance the performance of all BDR products. The only molded BDR products, BDR Cones are created from a proprietary compound of Carbon Fiber and a proprietary Resin, with a crush point of 10,000 Lbs each. Combine their strengh with internal 1/4"-20 threading and there are virtually no limits to what you can do with BDR Cones.

BDR Cones are available in two different versions. The Mk3 Cone has a slightly warmer tonal balance, with a little extra oomph on the bottom end; the Mk4 Cone is slightly cooler with greater top octave extension and less emphasis on the lower frequencies. In addition, BDR Cones may be mixed and matched to taste; system just slightly too warm? Add a single Mk4 Cone for a little extra air and detail. Just a smidgen too detailed? Add a single Mk3 Cone for a touch of warmth. In general, BDR Cones will work best when their flat side is against the component’s chassis and the rounded tip is pointed down into the shelf. When using BDR Cones with a BDR Shelf, invert the cones, so that the flat face is on the Shelf and the component is resting on the rounded tip.

BDR Cones are 1" high by 1.618" wide with a rounded tip and are 1/4"-20 threaded.

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