Video Review: Technics' Grand Class SL1210G Turntable
By Bes Nievera

A progeny of the company's legendary SL-1200 of the 1970s, (and now available in black), Technics' award-winning SL1210G direct-drive turntable builds on the company's heritage but is more than a distant echo to its past. This 39.7-pound turntable offers an impressive plinth, a 9-inch universal static-balance tonearm, and auxiliary weights to support a massive variety of cartridges.

Technics could have trotted out any type of 'table, called it a 1210, and been done with it. But that's not what this company is about. Technics' skilled engineers redesigned the engine, worked tirelessly to incorporate innovative advancements, and meticulously crafted a turntable that is destined to become a new legend for a new generation of music lovers.

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