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Rega - EBLT Reference Drive Belt

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Rega - EBLT Reference Drive Belt

Rega - EBLT Reference Drive Belt

Price $75.00
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The Best Turntable Drive Belt Rega Makes: Reference EBLT Improves Sonic Playback and Operates with Exceptional Speed, Accuracy, Stability, and Control

Included as standard equipment on all Planar 8 and Planar 10 turntables, the Rega Reference EBLT turntable drive belt is the best-performing belt the British company has ever made and will updgrade the performance of any Rega 'table (except Planet). In additions to improvements in accuracy, speed, stability, and control, Reference EBLT will help the music you hear have more focus and tighter bass. Each belt is molded on Rega’s custom tooling equipment, then cryogenically frozen and barreled to remove any excess flash in order to create perfect cross-sectional roundness. Under normal use and conditions, the lifespan of an EBLT drive belt is 50% longer than that of the previous model. And thanks to the increased accuracy of the design and cross-sectional roundness, measurements reveal a significant reduction in weighted peak “wow and flutter." The Rega standard belt measures 0.253%; the Advanced EBLT measures 0.162%; the Reference EBLT measures 0.075%.

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