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Sutherland - LPS for 20/20

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Sutherland - LPS for 20/20

Sutherland - LPS for 20/20

Price $450.00
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Dramatically Improve the Performance of Your Sutherland 20/20 Phono Preamplifier: LPS Linear Power Supply Enhances Purity, Authority, Backgrounds, and Noise Floor

The Sutherland LPS linear power supply greatly raises the already formidable spectacle of The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award-winning 20/20 MM/MC phono preamplifier. Improving AC power line isolation, filtering, and regulation, thereby giving the audio circuits an optimal DC power foundation, the linear power supply lets the music flow with significantly enhanced purity and authority. Straightforward in simplicity, stability, and reliability, it contains no active voltage series regulators that add undesired coloration – and produces no switching regulator noise that pollutes the quality of AC power. Audiophile-grade capacitors and resistors crown a U.S.A.-built jewel that could easily justify a far steeper asking price. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Inside the Linear Power Supply
With the linear power supply, the power transformer is toroidal for minimal radiated magnetic field, which itself gets further reduced by connecting the primary windings in series rather than parallel. As a result, the transformer flux density is reduced to half of its normal value. The transformer's AC output is full wave rectified, current limited, and applied to a first stage shunt regulator – an approach that gives the first stage of voltage regulation and smooths the current waveform drawn thru the transformer. The usual current spikes become much more sinusoidal in shape – and are not injected back into the power line nor project a radiated noise field. The first cut at regulation is followed by several stages of R-C pi filtering, a passive approach proven in other Sutherland designs. Another DC shunt regulator is applied near the audio circuitry.

Operating Voltage Requirements: 105 - 125 VAC, 12 watts
Included Cables:
   One IEC, 6-foot-long power cable
   Two DC output cables, each 6 feet long
Warranty: 5 years parts and labor Dimensions (WDH): 6.5" x 11" x 2.5"
Weight: 7 lbs.
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