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IsoAcoustics - Iso-Puck 76 (Set of 2)

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IsoAcoustics - Iso-Puck 76 (Set of 2)

IsoAcoustics - Iso-Puck 76 (Set of 2)

Price $79.99
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Hear More Precise Imaging, Tighter Focus, and Improved Clarity: IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck 76 Improves the Sound of Mid-Weight Loudspeakers, Each Supports up to 40 Pounds

Engineered specifically to counteract the movements created by speakers, IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck 76 is designed to be placed right under the speaker cabinet and help resist the lateral motions caused by the movement of the drivers. Able to support up to 40 pounds, it yields outstanding improvements when coupled with tower and monitor speakers. Iso-Puck 76 even lends immediately audible improvements when put under turntables and CD players. You'll hear clearer, more dynamic sound, tauter focus, and more precise imaging.

Featuring multi-part construction that dissipates vibrational energy and decouples your speakers from support surfaces, Iso-Puck 76 can be used in multiples to accommodate different (and heavier) masses. The suction-cup-like form factor means it securely attaches to speakers and components, while the round shape makes placement a breeze. Sold in pairs and 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

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