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Marantz - Model 50 Integrated Amplifier

Equipment Amplification Integrated Amp
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Marantz - Model 50 Integrated Amplifier

Price $1,800.00
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Fully Analog, Designed for Current and Future Needs: 70Wpc Marantz Model 50 Integrated Amplifier Features HDAM SA-3 Circuitry, MM Phonostage, Six Inputs, Much More

Purity and simplicity merge in the form of the fully analog Marantz Model 50 integrated amplifier. Its intentional exclusion of digital speaks to the audiophile in everyone and prevents unnecessary complexity that could degrade the signal. And by using two parallel output transistors per channel instead of the typical one, Model 50 supplies higher levels of current to your speakers than most units in this class. The real-world result: Dynamic, natural, immediate sound that reveals previously hidden details, completes notes, and resolves challenging passages. 

Outputting a convincing 70Wpc, Model 50 is loaded with fully discrete HDAM SA-3 circuitry, a Marantz Musical Phono EQ MM phono preamplifier, tone controls, and six analog inputs. Plan on expanding your system? Use the subwoofer and preamplifier outputs. Want to listen while everyone else is sleeping? Tap into a headphone amplifier complete with HDAM SA-2 circuitry. Model 50 even goes overboard with an E-Vol volume control, which adjusts both the circuit gain and output voltage. Translation: High precision, extended range, and low distortion. 

As a bonus, the textured front panel and porthole display ensure Model 50 looks great doing its job. Ditto the aluminum control surface and sculpted texture of the front panel. A five-year manufacturer warranty and our satisfaction guarantee give you further assurance that your setup — whether small or large — will be in good hands with Model 50.

Have any questions about Model 50 or building a Marantz-based audio system? Give a Music Direct audio consultant a ring at 312-433-0200 and we'll help you with evertything.

Current Feedback Amplification 
Current feedback amplification is a well-known, Marantz-original circuit technology, thoughtfully designed to match the requirements of high-res music for wide-bandwidth, high-speed reproduction. Marantz current feedback amplifiers reduce the need for phase compensation by minimizing negative feedback. This simplifies the signal path and results in  excellent transient response and superb sonic transparency across the full bandwidth. Unlike conventional voltage feedback topology, current feedback also makes the power amplifier capable of driving difficult loudspeaker loads, meaning Model 50 is ideal for a very wide range of loudspeakers. 

HDAM Technology 
While many brands claim unique engineering in sensitive and analog circuits, most use commonly available integrated op-amps in critical signal paths. Those op-amps can compromise audio integrity and limit design ingenuity. Marantz developed an entirely unique replacement for integrated circuits using ultra-high-quality discrete components. Marantz HDAM circuitry outperforms traditional op-amps both in the listening room and the laboratory. Very high-speed signal handling dramatically improves bandwidth. Clever amplification design minimizes distortion and ideal layout silences noise. 

Precision E-Vol Volume Control 
Model 50 uses an ultra-precise electronic volume control system that adjusts both the circuit gain and the output voltage. This system maintains high dynamic range and limits noise across a far broader volume range than traditional systems. More traditional integrated amplifiers use basic potentiometers which can suffer from poor channel balance and increasing noise and distortion over time.

  • Channels 2
  • Current Feedback Topology Yes
  • Phono EQ: Standard / Marantz Musical / Marantz Musical Premium - / o / -
  • Digital in: USB-B / optical / coaxial / USB-A - / - / - / -
  • HDAM version SA3, SA2
  • Power Transformer: Toroidal / El Yes / -
  • High Grade Audio Components Yes
  • Customised Components Yes
  • Symmetric PCB Layout Yes
  • Aluminium extrusion heat sink Yes
  • Balance / Bass / Treble / Loudness Yes / Yes / Yes / -
  • Linear Drive Power Supply Yes
  • Linear volume control Yes
  • Schottky diodes Yes
  • Input buffer amp (all inputs / CD only) - / Yes
  • Solid Heat Sinks Yes
  • System block shielding: Copper / metal / none - / - / Yes
  • Double Layer Bottom Plate triple
  • Low Noise OLED display Yes
  • Source Direct Yes
  • Power Amp direct Yes
  • Audio Inputs 6
  • Digital in: USB-B / optical / coaxial / USB-A - / - / - / -
  • Phono Input: MM / MC Yes / -
  • Audio Outputs 1
  • Balanced In / Out - / -
  • Pre-out / Main-in Yes + subwoofer / -
  • Power Amp Direct IN Yes
  • Gold-Plated Cinch Yes
  • Speaker A / B Yes
  • Speaker Terminals Marantz SPKT-1+
  • Number of terminals 4
  • D-Bus Yes
  • Headphone Out Yes
  • Power Output (8 / 4 Ω RMS) 70 W / 100 W
  • Frequency Response 5 Hz – 100 kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion 0.02 %
  • Damping Factor 100
  • Input Sensitivity: MM 1.4 mV / 47 kΩ
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: MM/MC 87 dB / -
  • Input Sensitivity: High level 185 mV / 16 kΩ
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: High level 116 dB (2 V input)
  • Input Sensitivity: Power Amp Direct IN 1.5 V / 15 kΩ
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: Power Amp Direct IN 125 dB
  • Treble Control ± 10 dB at 15 kHz
  • Bass Control ± 10 dB at 50 Hz
  • Available colors: Gold / Silver / Black / Silver-Gold - / - / Yes / Yes
  • Available colors: Gold / Silver / Black / Silver-Gold - / - / Yes / Yes
  • Metal Front Panel Yes
  • Power Consumption in W 220
  • Standby Consumption in W 0.3
  • Auto Power off Yes
  • Detachable Power Cable Yes
  • Remote Control RC003PMND
  • System Remote Function Yes
  • Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm 442 x 431 x 130
  • Weight in kg 14.2
  • Carton Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm 527 x 517 x 255
  • Carton Weight (inc. product) in kg 17.5
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