Rotel - RA-1572 MkII Integrated Amplifier

Equipment Amplification Integrated Amp
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Rotel - RA-1572 MkII Integrated Amplifier

Rotel - RA-1572 MkII Integrated Amplifier

Price $2,099.99
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The RA-1572MKII Integrated Amplifier Offers an Award-Winning Combination of Performance, Value, and Versatility, Leveraging the Best of Rotel's Analog and Digital Technologies

The Rotel RA-1572MKII Integrated Amplifier brings your music to life with exceptional fidelity. This is a muscular, high-value, high-performance amp that offers tremendous versatility, thanks to an audiophile-grade DAC, analog and digital connectivity, aptX and Bluetooth, PC-USB supporting MQA, and a moving-magnet phono stage. Regardless of the source, the 1572MKII can deliver exceptional sonic detail and an immersive soundstage.

The RA-1572MKII leverages the best of Rotel's analog and digital technologies. The role of an integrated amplifier continues to evolve, with the RA-1572MKII optimized in every aspect, including a power amplifier delivering 120 Watts of robust Class AB output into 8 ohms, audio circuit design innovations, a premium digital-to-analog converter and a full array of source inputs.

As is typical of Rotel amplifiers, the RA-1572MKII utilizes an in-house manufactured oversized toroidal transformer. The toroidal transformer's shape helps prevent stray radiation patterns from corrupting audio signals as they pass through adjacent circuits. The transformer feeds a bank of four low ESR, high-efficiency, T-Network slit-foil storage capacitors for deep, controlled bass energy.

The RA-1572MKII is certified Roon Tested, and it supports digital sources utilizing a Texas Instruments 32-bit/384kHz DAC with carefully tuned output filter circuits to render even the most subtle sonic detail. The preamplifier circuits and linear amplifier gain stages have been custom-engineered to ensure agility. Versatility comes in the form of analog and digital connectivity, PC-USB supporting MQA, aptX and AAC wireless Bluetooth streaming, XLR balanced and moving-magnet phono stage inputs, all to ensure a variety of connections to your favorite sources.

The front panel includes a status display, source and volume controls, Speaker A-B selection for Zone 2, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Ethernet and RS232 connections allow seamless integration with control systems and software updates. It comes with a remote control, and like all Music Direct products, the Rotel RA-1572MKII comes with the 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

"[This is] a particularly able contender in a crowded market full of strong performers. Its strength is its sheer versatility in terms of connectivity, allied to a seriously strong sound and plenty of power. This is a hard combination to beat, and in my experience, I'm not sure any of its price rivals currently can. I can't think of any integrated amplifier at this price that can match its all-around competence right now."
– Mark Gusew, Stereonet Applause Award

"[The RA-1572MKII] reminded me of why I got into audio all those years ago. It provides a huge amount of sound quality at a price within reach of the serious but budget-conscious enthusiast.... What it offers is excellent sound, a high-resolution DAC that supports MQA, a good MM phono input, and a good headphone amp—all features that many audiophiles will appreciate.... [The] high-powered Rotel RA-1572MKII offers one of today's best combinations of price and performance in an integrated amplifier-DAC."
– Roger Kanno, SoundStage! Hi-Fi

Commitment to Environmentalism

As more and more electronic devices are produced, it is important for manufacturers to do all they can to design products that have a minimum impact on the environment. At Rotel, employees are proud to do their part. Rotel has reduced the lead content in its products by using special lead-free ROHS solder and components.

Rotel engineers continually strive to improve power-supply efficiency without compromising quality. When in standby mode, Rotel products use minimal power to meet global Standby Power Consumption requirements. Additionally, the Rotel factory undergoes constant improvements to its product-assembly methods, resulting in cleaner and "greener" manufacturing processes.

About Rotel

Rotel was founded more than 60 years ago by a family whose passionate interest in music led them to manufacture high-fidelity components of uncompromising quality. Through the decades, that passion has remained undiminished.

Rotel's engineers work closely as a team, intensely listening to, and fine-tuning, each new product until it meets exacting musical standards. The engineers are free to choose components from around the world in order to make that product the best it can be. Rotel products are likely to include capacitors from the United Kingdom and Germany, and semiconductors from Japan or the United States, while toroidal power transformers are manufactured in Rotel's own factory.

Maximum Power Output: 200W/Ch (4Ω)
Continuous Power Output: 120W/Ch (8Ω)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.018%
Frequency Response:
   Line Level Inputs: 10Hz - 100kHz, ±0.5dB
   Digital Inputs: 10Hz - 90kHz, ±2.0dB, Max
   Phono Input: 20Hz - 20kHz, ±0.5dB
S/N Ratio (IHF "A" Weighted):
   Line Level Inputs: 100dB
   Digital Inputs: 100dB
   Phono Input: 80dB
Power Requirements: 120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption: 400W
Standby Power Consumption: <0.5W
BTU Rating (4Ω, 1/8th power): 810 BTU/h
Dimensions (WHD): 17" x 5.7" x 14.1"
Front Panel Height: 5.25"
Weight: 30.05 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 2.1 MB)

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