Wireworld Cable Technology - Electra 7 Power Cable (15Amp, 2.0m) **OPEN BOX**

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Wireworld Cable Technology - Electra 7 Power Cable (15Amp, 2.0m) **OPEN BOX**

Wireworld Cable Technology - Electra 7 Power Cable (15Amp, 2.0m) **OPEN BOX**

Now $299.00
Was $400.00
Save $101.00 (25%)
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Address the Noise Generated by Wires, Gadgets, and the Grid with the Wireworld Electra 7 Power Cable: Hear Increased Purity, Faster Transients, and Bigger Dynamics

One of the constant threats to reference-quality performance is the noise and interference being generated by the avalanche of wires and gadgets filling our homes and taxing the power grid. A single Wireworld Electra 7 power cable will start protecting your home from such onslaught and dramatically improve your equipment's ability to convey the dynamic contrasts necessary for accurate music reproduction. Another tool in Electra 7's noise-fighting arsenal comes by way of Wireworld's Composilex 2 insulation. This proprietary blend of shielding materials preserves the purity of the transmission signal by minimizing triboelectric noise far better than ordinary insulation used in stock cables. If you've ever wondered why your sound and video system's performance is inconsistent, Electra 7 will bring renewed clarity and vividness to your audio and video experiences.

Even if you own reference gear, it will not sound its best if you haven't addressed electronic noise and interference. Electra 7 was developed using scientific polygraph listening tests comparing prototype cables with battery power sources. Such comparisons led company founder David Salz and his team to develop the proprietary Fluxfield, a cutting-edge architecture that drastically reduces the electrical noise pollution that causes video to lack definition and audio to sound lifeless. Electra 7's 20 conducting wires are made of 99.99999% pure Ohno Continuous Cast Copper. And because these specialized conductors are insulated and coiled around flat inner cores, Electra 7 minimizes interference and resonances brought in via the power grid – as well as those emanating from associated equipment. Consequently, the more components you equip with Electra 7, the more focused and three-dimensional your sound and video will become.

Moreover, Electra 7's uniquely flat and flexible design makes installation a snap even in the tightest spaces and among the most complex array of components. Add to that Globe Grip plugs with silver-clad copper alloy contacts, and you have an airtight connection to the power grid that will enable your system to deliver crystal-clear images and lifelike transients. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Design: Fluxfield Technology
Signal Conductors: Qty 20, Gauge: 12AWG, 3 sq. mm
Conductor Material: OCC-7N Copper
Insulation: Composilex 2
Plug Contacts: Silver-clad Copper Alloy
Note: Globe-Grip plugs
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