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Rega - Apheta 3 MC Phono Cartridge

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Rega - Apheta 3 MC Phono Cartridge

Rega - Apheta 3 MC Phono Cartridge

Price $2,245.00
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Hear Full-Range Sound, from Ultra-Clear High Frequencies to Firm, Taut, Deep Bass: Hand-Wound Rega Apheta 3 Moving-Coil Cartridge Features Fine-Line Nude-Diamond Stylus

Anchored by one of the smallest moving-coil generators in existence, distinguished by a hand-wound iron cross assembly, and fueled by an advanced neodymium magnet, the Rega Apheta 3 moving-coil cartridge delves deep into vinyl LP grooves and plays music with pleasing warmth, soulfulness, and purity. True to Rega tradition, it excels at reproducing clear, high frequencies and firm, tight bass, giving the listener involving full-range performance. Voiced to seamlessly harmonize with Rega Planar 8 and Planar 10 turntables, it also gels with models from other manufacturers.

Now in its third generation, Apheta 3 significantly improves upon the original Rega Apheta by touting far tighter tolerances and exponentially higher detail. It also represents an upgrade from Apheta 2 via its fine-line-profile nude-diamond stylus mounted through at 90 degrees, which leads to increases in detail and accuracy. Apheta 3 also comes housed within a completely redesigned, single-piece, aluminum anodized body protected by a CAD-designed, smoked rigid cover, all of which makes handling during installation (and otherwise) safe from breakage.

"It's the best-sounding Rega cartridge I've heard."
—Michael Fremer, Stereophile

Hear More Detail, Nuance, and Tonal Character from Your LPs

Apheta 3 ranks as one of the principle achievements in Rega's vaunted history. Its hand-wound iron cross and coil assembly is 50 percent smaller than that of the original, providing a weight reduction that allows far greater freedom to track vinyl grooves. As a result, you hear more detail, more nuance, more tonal character, more of everything you want to experience. With Apheta 3 Rega developed a state-of-the-art diamond profile of a "fine line" design mounted through 90 degrees (the same technique used in the company's Aphelion reference model). The result: Apheta 3 extracts even more detail from the record grooves.

No Tie Wire or Foam Damper in Sight

Conventional moving-cartridge cartridges utilize a steel suspension system (tie wire) that creates a high-amplitude H.F. resonance (normally around 8-12kHz). Such resonance is unacceptable and usually damped by a rudimentary piece of foam rubber. However, the foam rubber deteriorates with age and cannot prevent the complete structure from vibrating and "ringing." The specifics and adjustment of the tie wire and damping determine whether the cartridge is under-damped (bright) or over-damped (warm and bass heavy). A happy medium between the two is rarely achieved. Such issues encouraged Rega to pursue a new direction inspired by modern materials and the basic laws of magnetism. Apheta 3 contains neither a tie wire nor a foam damper.

Tracking Pressure: 1.9 - 2.00g
Input load impedance: 100 ohms
Output impedance: 10 ohms
Nominal output voltage: 350μV
Channel Balance: ≥ 20μV
Separation: ≥ -29dB
Mass: 6g
Load settings for adjustable MC stages:
   Impedance: 100ohm
   Capacitance: 1000pF
   Gain setting: High ('On' position for Rega phono stages)

User Guide (PDF, 257 KB)

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