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BAT - VK-80i Integrated Tube Amplifier

Equipment Amplification Integrated Amp
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BAT - VK-80i Integrated Tube Amplifier

BAT - VK-80i Integrated Tube Amplifier

Now $9,995.00
Was $11,995.00
Save $2000.00 (17%)
This product is not eligible for further discounts.
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Plug-and-Play Tube Integrated Amplifier Features All-Triode Architecture, Fuse-Less Protection, and Auto-Bias Circuits: Balanced Audio Technology VK-80i Plays with Gripping Liveliness

A fully balanced plug-and-play tube integrated amplifier with all-triode architecture, fuse-less protection, and auto-bias circuits, the Balanced Audio Technology VK-80i makes reference-class sound easy, involving, and fun. Equipped with technological advances originally found in the company's flagship REX Series, the U.S.A.-made VK-80i eliminates the traditional hassles often associated with vacuum-tube components by ridding the need to constantly set and readjust the bias of the output tubes. With the 45-pound VK-80i, an intelligent automatic bias design adjusts for changing line voltage and aging tubes, with each output tube having its own dedicated bias circuit. Simple — and smart!

Providing a very conservatively rated 55Wpc and able to perform at an optimal degree within minutes of unboxing, VK-80i leverages the high-current delivery prowess of four 6C33C-B triode output tubes (the very same used in the top-of-the-line REX 3 model) to enable it to drive even low-impedance speakers. Moreover, a fuse-less protection circuit means all you'll have to do is turn off and then turn back on VK-80i in the unlikely event a tube gets stressed. The user-friendly operation continues with a resistive-ladder volume control with a staggering 90 steps so you can get the level exactly right. A pair of balanced XLR inputs, three pairs of RCA inputs, and an all-metal remote control that can even set the brightness of the front-panel display also come standard.

Most importantly, the 8 x 17 x 16-inch (HWD) single-box powerhouse plays music with repeat-championship levels of gracefulness, presence, naturalism, inner detail, and dynamics. If you've ever wondered what concepts such as harmonic texture, midrange clarity, and instrumental timbre really involve, the eight-tube VK-80i exists to bring them to life as they should be experienced. 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guaranteed.

"Its overall presentation was neutral, sounding like the real thing with believable tonal color saturation and without much editorializing.... And it could sound deliciously sweet when the music demanded it.... Sonic happiness in a glass bottle is within reach. You owe it to yourself to audition the VK-80i. You'll discover as I did that there is no turning back."
—Dick Olsher, The Absolute Sound

6C33C-B Triode Output Tubes with Fully Balanced Signal Path

Delivering 55 watts per channel, VK-80i uses the 6C33C-B triode output tube for power delivery. It offers many times the current delivery of the 6550/KT90 tetrode tube variant used in most traditional tube integrated amplifiers. In addition to driving even difficult low-impedance speaker loads, the all-triode fully balanced design provides a natural portrayal of harmonic texture and instrumental timbre. Your recordings will sound more alive while simultaneously yielding greater finesse, grace, and inner detail.

"Fuse-less" Protection Circuit

In the event an output tube becomes over-stressed, all you need to do is turn VK-80i off and on again to restore normal operation. That's it. The elimination of internal fuses also contributes to a greater sense of ease and more natural reproduction of music. Also, the fuse-less protection circuit is combined with a world-class automatic-bias circuit that eliminates the constant need to set and readjust the proper bias of the output tubes. No tubes to bias. No tube fuses to replace.

Intelligent Auto-Bias Design Makes Operation a Cinch

The advanced engineering within VK-80i eliminates the traditional headache associated with most vacuum-tube power amplifiers — specifically, the constant need to set and readjust the proper bias of the output tubes. VK-80i features an intelligent automatic bias design that adjusts for changing line voltage and aging tubes, with each output tube having its own dedicated bias circuit. The auto-bias circuit also ensures your VK-80i sounds wonderful within the first few minutes of listening.

Output per channel at 8Ω/4Ω: 55W
THD at full power: 3%
Frequency response: 8Hz to 200kHz
Input impedance: 215 kΩ
Tube complement: 4x6SN7, 4x6C33C-B
Power Consumption: 400W idle, 800W full power
Remote included: Yes - all metal
Signal inputs: 1 XLR, 3 RCAs
Volume control: Resistive ladder, 90 steps, 1dB per step
Dimensions (WHD): 17" x 8" x 16"
Weight: 45 lbs.
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