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The Zu Omen is an Easy to Drive, Full-Range Loudspeaker Designed and Built in the USA

If we told you that you could now own a spectacular pair of full-range loudspeakers (real bass response down to 30Hz), hand-built in the state of Utah for under a grand, you’d probably think we were crazy. The Zu Audio Omens really do exist and they sound incredible. These speakers are built like tanks, with a 10” full-range driver (Zu Audio’s 4th generation of this type) and a time-aligned super tweeter delivering both extension at the frequency extremes and dynamics like you’ve never heard before.

The Omen is 98dB efficient, so they rock your world with any size amplifier. Built to last a lifetime and beyond, every component exudes quality to satisfy the most critical music lover. Zu’s Omen is hand-finished using a dye over real maple for a deep three-dimensional look that's just as stunning as they sound. Music Direct stands behind these American made speakers with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, including free return shipping if you are not satisfied.

Omen delivers on the performance, all that Zu driver goodness and machined aluminum suggests. Omen is also Zu's first standardized high-volume loudspeaker-the only way to get this level of quality, performance, and good looks at such a small price. All driver, machine work, cabinetry, finish, assembly, packaging, are all done right in Ogden, Utah.

The objective for Omen is simple, create and build a loudspeaker that sounds amazing, is happy with the majority of amps, looks great, and at a price that lets every working music head on Earth afford. (And perhaps beyond.)

Omen is built to last a lifetime: cabinet material, adhesives, driver assemblies; every component is a quality part, creating a loudspeaker system that will continually satisfy and amaze, decade after decade.

Zu Omen Technologies Old & New
Omen, like all Zu products, is built around the critical human voice (A1, 55Hz, through A6 and all the possible harmonics, to approximately 10kHz). Serving this critical region of tone is Zu's 4th generation (standard motor) 10" paper coned full-range driver. And despite what many audio snobs might think about it based on price, Omen is a true, state-of-the-art loudspeaker.

Third Generation Zu Griewe (ZuRG-Twist) Cabinet Loading
Zu Griewe cabinet loading applies to loudspeaker design and acoustics a principle developed for motorcycle engine exhaust systems for improving power output through pulse and pressure management within an increased bandwidth (wider power band). More on this as we get our technical stuff together.

Zu260FRD/G4 Full-Range 10" Driver
This is Zu's proven 10" full-range driver, with the addition of the high frequency diffusion detail in the face of the pole piece extension. This "phase plug" is a carry over from the research and testing we did with Essence, which gives Omen a more linear management of high frequencies and broader dispersion from the directly-coupled-to-voicecoil inner cone.

Colors & Finish
Zu Omen is hand finished using a dye over real maple technique for a deep rich three dimensional look. The competition at this price looks awful, like some kinda vinyl wrap impressed with wood grain - not Omen. They look stunning! The standard finishes are Natural Maple, Sangria, and Ghost Black. Ghost Black is not a true black finish, rather it's a blend of blacks that really pops out the grain structure of the wood. The effect is that the wood takes on a more organic look than the heavily painted or vinyl wrapped cabinets usually found at this price.

Tips On Getting Great Sound From Omen
Omen has been designed to account for its shorter stature. Placing its full-range 10" driver on top and then time-aligning the super-tweeter to "tilt" the sound in a slight upward direction allows Omen to sound larger and taller than it is. Users can also adjust the feet in the Omen to lean the face of the speaker back further tailoring the sound and loudspeakers integration with the room.

Omen ships with both ball end footers (for use on wood floors) and long spikes to be used for carpeted floors. Omen requires at least a 1/4" (6mm) of space between the speaker bottom and the flooring--if you can't slide a CD jewel case between the floor and the speaker bottom, you need to adjust the feet until you can.

Design: High efficiency, high output, direct radiating floor standing loudspeaker. Omen features Zu’s full-range driver (Zu260FRD/G4), new ZuRG-Twist driver/box/room loading technology, no crossover or filters on full-range driver, complimented by a composite dome time-aligned machined from billet tweeter to provide the sparkle and resolution from 12kHz and up
HWD: 36x12x12
Footprint: 12x12
Weight: 50Lbs
Shipping: 2 Boxes, 60Lbs each @ 41x17x17"
Driver Complement:
   Qty 1 Zu260FRD/G4, 10-1/3” full-range driver covering 30 to 12kHz
   Qty 1 ZuT4 tweeter assembly with stainless screen (composite dome, machined 6061 lens)
Component Tolerance: Driver >2% pair matching, 0.5% on all electrical components
Recommended Connector: 1/4” spade (6.3mm fork), 5/16” spade (8mm fork), bare wire, banana plugs, pins
Efficiency: 98dB
Impedance: 12Ohm Nominal full bandwidth, 9Ohm Minimum
Bandwidth: 34Hz to 20k+
Group Delay: < 5ms
Dynamic Range: Huge (Yes, that's what Zu claims)
Crossover Point: None
Super Tweeter Network: high-pass First order @ 18k mathematical and 20 kHz electrical
Internal Wiring: Zu MissionLC, pure copper, approximate conductor area is 13 AWG per charge
Cabinet: MDF & Maple
Spike / Feet insert thread: 3/8 - 16 TPI (9/16” hex nut, 14mm wrench can be used but is tight)
Included Accessories: Hard-Surface ball-end footers installed with S.S. 9/16” jam nuts. Also included are carpet spikes, owners manual, polish cloth, and copper lug cleaning kit.
Country of Origin: 95% U.S.A.
Life Expectancy: 40 years plus on Zu260FRD/G4 and cabinet finish, 100 years plus on super tweeter
Warranty: 5 years limited, does not cover misuse or abuse. Zu Omen is designed to be field serviceable

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