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Clearaudio - Speed Strobe Test Vinyl LP

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Clearaudio - Speed Strobe Test Vinyl LP

Clearaudio - Speed Strobe Test Vinyl LP

Price $75.00
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Get the Most Accurate Speed Reading from Your Turntable (and Break in New Cartridges) with the Speed Strobe Test LP: For Use in Conjunction with Clearaudio's Speed Strobe Light

Speed stability is an essential part of any turntable setup. Every aspect of performance is affected by speed: bass, midrange and treble, tonal balance, even imaging. Clearaudio's Speed Strobe Test LP, formerly known as the Strobodisc, is an LP which when used with the company's Speed Strobe Light, allows you to very accurately tune the speed of a turntable.

Speed Strobe LP is unique in that it is the first test disc that allows you to account for stylus drag when calibrating speed. It also features a unique groove that permits the strobe disc to be played just like a regular LP, allowing the drag of the stylus to be taken into account. As an added bonus, the drag groove is perfect for breaking in new cartridges.

"[Clearaudio's Speed Strobe Kit], a two-sided white strobe disc, with markings for calibrating both 33 and 45 speeds, as well as a special groove that allows you to break in a cartridge. Shine the [Speed Strobe Light's] little blue light on the disc, and, voila, speed can easily be calibrated."
The Absolute Sound, Editors' Choice Award

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