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iFi - AC iPurifier

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iFi - AC iPurifier

iFi - AC iPurifier


Modular Power Conditioner, Cancels Noise Across Upper and Lower Frequencies: Active iFi AC iPurifier Also Offers Ground, Polarity, and Surge Protection

Clean up your mains power with the iFi AC iPurifier, an active power conditioner that cancels noise across both the upper and lower frequencies – and offers ground, polarity, and surge protection. Modularly designed to be used in multiples to target every noise source, iPurifier utilizes a wireless purification system that works with no side effects and iFi's patented Active Noise Cancellation technology. Simply insert AC iPuriifer into your AC mains wall outlet or insert one (or two) into your power block. You can actually plug one into each location for even better results. AC iPurifer also boasts an intelligent ground connection, intelligent polarity with a handy LED lighting indication system, and overage surge protection to guard against voltage spikes and lightning strikes. 

Wireless Purification System
iFi's Wireless Purification System (WPS) is a complex circuit that reduces power-line noise without audible or measured side effects. This is important because such solutions, while attempting to curb noise, can also hamper dynamics, an issue AC iPurifier avoids.

Smart Polarity and Earth Detection
When it comes to mains AC, people make two common errors when setting up a system. The first has to do with polarity and the incorrect orientation of USA and EU type mains pins. Intelligent polarity automatically informs you of incorrect orientation by changing to a red LED. The second error is the a lack of a ground/earth. In a system where there may or may not be a lack of a ground/earth, simply insert the AC iPurifier into the system and it will tell you one way or the other. When the two LEDs light up green, everything is in order.

Overvoltage Surge Protection
For the rare instances when there is an overvoltage spike (from a mains electricity surge or lightning strike, for example), AC iPurifier will automatically shut off and stop electricity from passing through your system. This should protect your valuable and highly-sensitive mains equipment from harm.

  • Wireless Purification System reduces power-line noise without side effects
  • Ground/earth connection diagnostic
  • Polarity connection diagnostic
  • Audio earth connection with built-in ground-loop prevention circuit
  • Overvoltage surge protection
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