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ONZOW - ZeroDust Stylus Cleaner

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ONZOW - ZeroDust Stylus Cleaner

ONZOW - ZeroDust Stylus Cleaner


Best-Selling Zerodust Stylus Cleaner Uses Space-Age Polymer Bubble to Quickly Remove Harmful Debris From Your Stylus

Clean your stylus with ease with the Zerodust stylus cleaner. Simply lower your stylus onto the surface of this space-age polymer bubble, then quickly lift the arm lever, and you're done! Watch as the stylus tip slowly sinks into the baby-soft surface, leaving behind an impression with stylus debris left behind. This fresh approach to stylus cleaning saves you from the fear of using hard-bristled brushes and over-applying harmful fluids. Zerodust lasts a long time, can be cleaned with tap water, and adds hours of life to your cartridge. It even comes with a magnifying glass so you can inspect your stylus.

"This interesting Japanese import has gained a cult following amongst audiophiles. It's super-easy to use: Lightly press your stylus needle into the rubbery sphere and it effectively removes build-up and sound contaminants."
Gear Patrol, The 8 Best Vinyl Accessories

NOTE: While Zerodust and other products used at Music Direct, we recommend using a standard fluid-based stylus cleaner at the end of every listening session. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LP#9 is our favorite.