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Q Up - Tonearm Lifter

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Q Up - Tonearm Lifter

Q Up - Tonearm Lifter


Easily-to-Install Q UP Tonearm Lifter Adds Convenient, Automatic Tonearm-Lift Functionality to Almost Any Manual Turntable: Never Worry About Remembering the Last Track on an LP

Add automatic tonearm-lift functionality to almost any manual turntable with the Q UP tonearm lifter. Many ‘tables require you to grab the tonearm at the end of a record, but we know this can be an inconvenience. Q UP takes any worries about having to remember the last track on an LP by picking up the tonearm and lifting the needle out of harm's way when a record finishes playing. Since it doesn't interact with the tonearm until the end the playing cycle, Q UP doesn't impact tonal balance or system performance. This trigger-and-lift design is easy to install and compatible with almost every ‘tonearm on the market, independent of shape, thickness, or height. Awesome, and 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

“A boon to the analog lover—and the lazy.”
The Absolute Sound, Editors’ Choice Award

Compatible With Almost All Bearing Tonearms
Q UP can be used with most bearing tonearm types, from uni-pivot to gimbal. However, Q UP is not compatible with linear tracking arms. If you have a question about your particular setup, please contact Music Direct. Q UP requires a flat space near the tonearm with approximately 0.55" (14mm) of plinth space near the tonearm. The minimum height between the plinth and the bottom of the tonearm when playing a record is 1.42" (36mm). Most tonearms and turntables fit these criteria. NOTE: Pro-Ject Debut Series tonearms can use a Q UP without its base; all that's required is double-sided tape to affix the Q UP to the platform.

Easy Installation and a Few Tips
Affixing Q UP to your turntable is almost as easy as using Q UP. Once compatibility is confirmed, simply attach Q UP to the turntable and set the two sensitivity settings (Trigger and Lift). We've provided the installation instructions in the Downloads section, but there are a few things to note before starting. First, Q UP provides a slider to adjust "lift force sensitivity," or how much force Q UP uses to raise the tonearm. Use your best discretion. A light tonearm will need much less force to lift than a heavy one. Start light and work your way up until the action is appropriate for your tonearm. Second, just be aware of "trigger sensitivity." If your tonearm isn't being picked up when you think it should be, this slider might require some adjustment.

”User User Manual (PDF, 4.3 MB)

Template for Installation (PDF, 72 KB)