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REL - AirShip II Wireless Transmitter

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REL - AirShip II Wireless Transmitter


Freedom from Cables: AirShip II Wireless Transmitter Lets You Place REL Subwoofers Where You Want, Features Cutting-Edge DAC/ADC

Bolstered by a new Texas Instruments DAC/ADC design that lowers the noise of its predecessor by 12dB, the REL AirShip II wireless transmitter opens up a world of placement and flexibility options — without sacrificing sound, timing, focus, or accuracy. Offering a zero-compression wireless connection that rivals that of a hard-wired audiophile-grade hookup, AirShip II utilizes a 5.8GHz signal for both high-level connection and the .1/LFE channel, simultaneously supporting music and home-theater applications. AirShip II allows for REL subwoofers free from the tether of a cable, meaning you're no longer limited by the length of a wire. Place your subwoofers in distant corners, along glass walls, or on hardwood floors — the choice is yours.

Expressly designed for the REL S/510, S/812, 212/SX, Carbon Special, No. 32, and No. 31 models, AirShip II also works with the company's HT/1510. What's more, AirShip II sets up in mere seconds. Just plug both the AirShip II receiver and sender in with a few seconds of each other, push a button, and Airship II seeks out its mating receiver and pairs with it in less than five seconds. Sound traveling even across 40, 50, or 60 feet arrives clear, crisp, dynamic, and with  rich, saturated tonal colors. With AirShip II, high-end wireless subwoofer performance is a distinct reality. 

The Best of Both Worlds: Music and Movies

AirShip II’s high-level input is designed to accept the stereo (two-channel) signals from the speaker terminals of your receiver, integrated amplifier, or power amplifier(s). This ensures that your subwoofer receives exactly the same signal as the main speakers, which means that the character of the bass from the main system is carried forward into your sub-bass system. Along with extremely fast, natural-sounding PerfectFilter input circuits, Airship II ensures you reap the benefits of REL's superior system integration; RELs are known for their rich integration in which you cannot sonically locate the subwoofer's location.

For top theater performance, the .1/LFE circuit has its own dedicated wireless channel that allows for large, dynamic special effects to be properly replicated in all their glory. Airship II delivers two channels in parallel: one for music and theater in High-l Level (or low-level, which is increasingly needed for applications such as active wireless speakers and a second channel for .1/LFE in theater use). When both are used properly, a normal theater transforms; the cold, edgy sound most theaters deliver becomes rich and full-bodied. Dialog and atmospheric effects take on new drama and realism because the full range of sounds are provided during every moment of the movie by the high-level while the .1 channel delivers extra emphasis.

Input Connectors: High-Level Neutrik Speakon, L/R Low-Level RCA, LFE single phono RCA, LFE balanced XLR
XLR .1/LFE: 10k ohms
Wireless Output Power: Less than -3dBm
Wireless Effective Distance: 30 ft (10 meters) with clear line of site
Mains Input Voltage: 5V DC, 5.5mm circular connector, positive center
Power Consumption: 600 mWatts
   Transmitter: 6" x 6" x 2 5/8"
   Receiver: 5 1/2" x 4 5/16" x 1 3/16"

User Manual (PDF, 1.5 MB)