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Shakti - Electromagnetic Stabilizer Stone (Air)

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Shakti - Electromagnetic Stabilizer Stone (Air)

Shakti - Electromagnetic Stabilizer Stone (Air)


Increase Resolution by Placing a Shakti Electromagnetic Stabilizer Stone over a Component's Power Transformer: Noise-Reduction Circuitry Absorbs EMI and RFI

The Shakti Electromagnetic Stabilizer Stone uses proprietary noise-reduction circuitry to absorb and dissipate electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Through an energy-conversion process, the award-winning device uses an antenna-like circuit to absorb these fields and dissipate them as heat. Just place the Stone over the power transformer in any component and prepare to be amazed. With the Stone in place, music reproduction becomes clearer, with more liquidity, dynamics and focus. Backgrounds become quieter, allowing you to hear more ambient information essential for accurate perception of stage depth, width, and unwavering imaging. Each Shakti Stone measures 1.5" x 6.5" x 5.25" and is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Abbey Road Studios, Pink Floyd's Astoria Studios, Steve Hoffman Mastering, and Doug Sax all rely on Shakti to deliver the best sound possible. In addition, noted audio reviewers Michael Fremer, Ken Kessler, Sam Tellig, Wes Phillips, and Jonathan Valin all have recommended Shakti Stones.

"[Nobody's] quite sure how they work, but work they do when placed over the transformer of amps, preamps, and other electronics, reducing noise and enriching timbre."
The Absolute Sound, Editors' Choice Award