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HiFi Rose - RA280 Integrated Amplifier

Equipment Amplification Integrated Amp
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HiFi Rose - RA280 Integrated Amplifier

Price $2,995.00
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Hear Music in Full Bloom: HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier Features Modern Connectivity, Clean Power, 250Wpc Output, Excellent Linearity, MM Phonostage, More

The HiFi Rose RA280 integrated amplifier is a textbook example of what happens when the bleeding-edge engineering of a flagship (and more expensive) component gets invested in the models that follow. Inheriting the signature topology approaches of the company’s RA180 and streamlining a few features that many users do not need, the 21-pound RA180 exhibits excellent linearity, superb damping, and super-short dead time to play music with exceptional purity, dynamics, energy, and emotionalism. It comes equipped with the connectivity modern listeners want and the clean power (250Wpc) speakers demand to perform to their fullest. Outrageously good looks, robust construction, and a pair of VU meters help complete an integrated that’s guaranteed to have you staying up late to experience your favorite albums.

Anchored by HiFi Rose's internally developed Class AD technology with GaN (gallium nitride) FETs, RA280 delivers analog-like sonics — smooth, natural, fluid, with a touch of warmth — while offering the efficiency and pacing often absent from Class A designs. The secret: GaN, which dramatically improves dead time to one-tenths of the previous levels and implements linear output with a switching speed close to zero. In addition, RA280 relies on two completely separate mono amplifier modules and in-house-developed two-stage analog filter technology. This combination reduces carrier noise caused by the inherent switching of Class D amps, and displays clean, clear sound distinguished by high levels of spatiality, resolution, and dimensionality.

The power supply in RA280 is equally remarkable. Once again devised by HiFi Rose, the circuit uses silicon carbide FET whose high voltage and heat-resistant characteristics translate into wondrous efficiency, cool operation, and reliable stability. RA280 also applies a 2.5kW power-factor correction circuit and a high-capacity condenser to maintain cohesiveness even under heavy load conditions.

Turning to the solid aluminum top chassis and rust-proof steel panels that make up the sleek exterior, you’ll further know RA280 takes sound seriously and subscribes to a form-follows-function mentality. On the elegant front panel you’ll notice a vintage-themed input selector knob, LED dimming switch, hefty volume knob, and tone controls — the latter a nice bonus that allow for +/-15dB adjustments of bass and treble. It runs on a circuit equipped with a high-fidelity active EQ (not passive) with a gentle 6dB slope.

On the rear panel, speaker outputs, a subwoofer output, ground, circuit breaker, and trigger controls complement one pair of balanced XLR inputs, three pairs of RCA inputs, and one helluva MM phono input. Whether you want to play discs, stream files, or spin LPs, RA280 has the suite of connectivity to get you going. A simple metal remote control lets you change volume or turn on the unit from the comfort of your chair.

What’s missing? You could say a built-in DAC, but that would violate the commitment RA280 shows to retaining signal purity and adhering to sound traits that are decidedly analog. Its bigger brother, RA180, also boasts outputs for two pairs of speakers, MC phonostage capability, bi-amping ability, and bypass amplifier mode. It also costs an extra four G — money that not every audiophile has to spend to get what they crave. In every regard, RA280 personifies the benefits of trickle-down technology and makes a massive statement not only in its price class, but for the entire field of audiophile integrated amplifiers.

Want to know more about Class AD, RA280, or HiFi Rose? Just grab your phone and reach out to a Music Direct audio consultant at 312-433-0200.

  • Class AD Amplifier with Next-Generation GaN FET
  • Balance Control for Bass and Treble
  • Two Completely Separated Mono Amplifier Modules
  • High-Efficiency Power Supply
  • Phono Amplifier that Supports Moving Magnet
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Amplifier Output
4Ω: 250W x 2ch (500W)
8Ω: 250W x 2ch (500W)
Sub Woofer Output

Input sensitivity
Balance input: 600mV (250W x 2ch)
Unbalance(Line1,2,3) Input: 600mV (250w x 2ch)
Phono(MM) Input: 5mV (250W x 2ch)

Impedance Input
Balanced Input: 47kΩ
Unbalance(Line1,2,3) Input: 47kΩ
Phono(MM) Input: 47kΩ

20Hz ~ 20kHz: +0, 0dB
10Hz ~ 66kHz: +0, -1dB
10Hz ~ 85kHz: +0, -3dB

Frequency response
20Hz ~ 20kHz: +0, 0dB
10Hz ~ 66kHz: +0, -1dB
10Hz ~ 85kHz: +0, -3dB

THD measure
Balance & Unbalance (Line 1, 2, 3) input: 0.007% (@125W)

Damping Factor
Speaker output: >250 (250w x 2ch)

Signal to Noise Ratio Measure (S/N)
Balanced, Unbalanced / Phono MM: 109dB/109dB/85dB (250W x 2ch)

Output impedance
Speaker Output: 30mΩ (250W x 2ch)

Tone Control
Bass(100Hz) / Treble(10kHz): ±15dB (1W x 2cg, Speaker Output)

Turnover: 500Hz (+13dB@100Hz)
Roll-off: 2.1kHz (-13.7dB@10kHz)

width 430 x depth 355 x height 103


Solid Aluminium, Rust-proof Steel

Remote: IR Input
38 kHz Infrared Ray (Operating Distance within 10 m)

”User User Manual (PDF, 8.4 MB)

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