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Luxman - D-07X SACD Player **OPEN BOX**

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Luxman - D-07X SACD Player **OPEN BOX**

Now $7,995.00
Was $9,995.00
Save $2000.00 (20%)
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Digital Dynamo: Japanese-Made Luxman D-07X SACD/CD Player Features Reference Dual-Mono DAC, Supports DSD 22.4MHz, and Plays Music with Sublime Naturalism, Detail, and Realism

How much do you value the sound, presentation, and emotionalism of digital media? If you’re a music lover who believes every detail matters, then the Luxman D-07X SACD/CD player with high-resolution capability is built for you. This Japan-made component lives up to the impeccable standards that Luxman has followed for nearly a century. You’ll immediately see the proof once you touch and feel its flawless fine-grain chassis — and hear once you’re fortunate enough to experience its ultra-dynamic, ultra-clear, ultra-natural playback.

Incorporating most of the elements of the flagship D-10X, boasts a Rohm-manufactured DB34301EKV DAC in dual-mono configuration that fully decodes MQA and supports up to DSD 22.4MHz and 32-bit/768kHz PCM. The clocking system generates painstakingly accurate digital signal processing and comes with two high-precision, low-jitter, ultra-low phase modules that reduce noise near the oscillation frequency to a bare minimum. Also onboard: A two-mode analog FIR filter that allows you to select your preferred sound when playing SACD or DSD files.

Inside, you’ll find a large-capacity power supply with massive filter capacitors and independent regulator blocks under each circuit that combine to achieve exceptional stability. That setup is abetted by a brand-new I/V conversion system that receives the differential outputs of the paired BD34301EKV DAC chips, operates in monaural mode, and feeds four discrete, perfectly matched amplifier modules. The practical upshot in plain English? The high-quality buffer circuitry lowers the impedance of the output signal. Another essential — out-of-audible-range filtering — occurs in the buffer stage instead of having an independent LPF stage, thus enabling the reproduction of smooth analog waveforms that result in enhanced transparency, immediacy, and presence. 

As for the extraordinary drive mechanism for your CDs and SACDs? D-07X employs a left-side mechanical layout with an asymmetric configuration that realizes the shortest signal path and affords space for the reference-grade analog circuitry. The disc drive section features a robust box structure that covers the entire mechanism with a side frame and top plate. The overall LxDTM-i system takes the form of an integrated structure that blocks external vibration via the fact it’s directly mounted onto the strong chassis side panel. A work of art in and of itself, the die-cast-aluminum disc tray eliminates unwanted vibration and resonance effects on the load mechanism — further enabling unstinting precision and smooth loading.

Housed in a shielded chassis complete with cast-iron legs that support the weight of the main structure, cancel external vibrations, and provide additional internal damping, D-07X touts an elegant front-panel display with up to four-times zoom mode and a clean array of command buttons. On the back panel, the 37.5-pound D-07X hosts a pair of balanced Neutrik XLR outputs, gold-plated RCA terminals, a USB input, coaxial and optical inputs and outputs, and a beefy AC inlet. In addition, trigger input/output terminals allow you to link remote control signals between corresponding Luxman components.

Measuring 5.2 x 17.3 x 16.1 (HWD), D-07X comes with an accompanying remote control and a three-year manufacturer warranty. If you’ve never heard or seen a Luxman product, we encourage you to arrange a risk-free in-home audition — or simply call us at 312-433-0200 for more information on D-07X and Luxman itself. 

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